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Anyone still using TrackIR in 2016?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by tnguyen2905, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. No, but i'd like to.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am wondering if anyone is still using TrackIR, as its been out for awhile. I have been looking into getting TrackIR 5 but it seems that most people recommend it for flight sims however some people use it for racing sims. Is it worth getting? Please let me know if you have any experience with it. I just got triple 27 inch monitors as well.
  2. Well, I'm using FreeTrack, not TrackIR, but voted yes anyway. Ideal for single screen users. Very handy to look into mirrors or beside you when you are racing door-to-door with another car :).
  3. I go back and forth on using it. With triple monitors, there's seldom need of it. Mainly will use it when realistic FOV hides the dash instruments so I don't have to turn on the HUD.
  4. rocafella1978


    still use it on triples and still love it. (for sure less usage than single screen)
  5. I use it and am on a single screen. Thought if I ever go triples I wouldn't but sounds like people still do. I love it both for flight and racing sims. Once you get used to it - turning your head one way but holding or turning your eyes another is weird. Just wish the Proclip was wireless, otherwise it's worth it.
  6. Yes, certainly do, well FreeTrack anyway. As I use a single 32" display it helps with immersion. I don't race without it.

    I also use an Oculus Rift DK2, but as my racing rig isn't as powerful as my main desktop I only use it for iRacing as it performs well.
  7. how many hours can you comfortable race with the Rift without breaks?
  8. Roland


    I use the freeware OpenTrack headtracker, but only in ETS2 and ATM, mainly to look for traffic at intersections.
    For racing, I have no need for it. I use 5x 24"screens in portrait mode, which probably adds up to about the same view angle as your triple 27" (assuming they are landscape oriented)
    Even with the most realistic (forward) driving position you'll probably have enough screen real-estate to see the center and driver-side mirror in tintops and probably both left and right side mirrors in open wheelers.

    Should you want to try it, be aware that you'll probably want to disable all in-game world movement and head-bob like settings or you might get nauseous after a while :sick:...
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2016
  9. Does TrackIR / FreeTrack work with the newer titles as Assettto Corsa, Project Cars, rf2, Automobilista, etc. ?
    I´m thinking about getting it as well. I´m a singlescreen 21:9 user.
  10. Definitely yes with rF2.
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  11. RaceWasGood


    TrackIR works at least with AC and Pcars too. Don't know about FreeTrack though.
  12. I have track ir 5, its great for flight sims. I dont think it will help for racing unless you have a big dead zone and use it for just checking mirrors, which you could really do with keys anyway. Its hard to keep track of the orientation of the car when driving with track ir on.
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  13. I use TrackIR 5 along with triple 27" monitors, 3D (120 fps [60 fps/eye]), and a 1:1 FOV.

    I like TrackIR. I feel it was that final piece missing in my simracing setup (excluding wheels, pedals, etc.). It allows me to move my head and see my rearview mirror, my gauges, both of my sides, etc. much better. It also has the knock-on effect of saving me 3 buttons on my wheel due to not needing the look left/right/up buttons anymore but that's just a bonus.

    I disabled 4 of the 6 axis'; I only left yaw (look left/right) and pitch (look up/down) enabled. Once I set-up the axis', deadzones, curves, etc. to my liking, it made it so natural and, well, it just works :).

    Add TrackIR to the rest of "the experience" (triple screens, 1:1 FOV, 3D, big sound), and the overall experience can be incredibly immersive where words cannot explain (especially because of 3D but that's a whole-nother story).

    Is TrackIR a "must have"? Well, I'd say no; in-fact, it would be the first thing to go out of my list of (in no particular order): triple screens, 3D, 1:1 FOV, TrackIR, big sound. Having said that, it does become more of a "must have" for people with single monitors, and just-about a must have for people with single monitors wishing to use a 1:1 (or thereabouts) FOV.

    EDIT: I said TrackIR was the final piece missing in my setup but I forgot about transducers / bass shakers which I still don't have.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2016
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  14. Ari Antero

    Ari Antero

  15. xnorb


    Never tried it, but i think it's really weird turning my head but having to keep my eyes focused.

    Guess i'll just stick to my single screen setup until VR headsets are out for quite some time and all bugs and issues have been sorted out.
  16. Yes, it's wierd, but you get used to it quickly. Now it is wierd for me when not using FreeTrack: it feels my head is stuck :geek:.
  17. The best is to try one of the free software version before committing. You might discover that driving with those remove a lot of feel for what the car is doing, catching slide is very disorienting. I tried it and I hated it. Far from a must more like a bad idea.
  18. My Track-IR probably has the least amount of use of any of my equipment.
    I personally do not like it for racing sims...flight sims are a completely different story.
    The problem stems from the fact there is a very small window of opportunity for upset correction vs speed at corner turn in.
    Any disorientation means you will be off the track....quickly.
    It great on straights where you are looking straight ahead and on 'sweeper' corners.
    Hairpins can be a bit dodgy.
    Flight sims are a bit more forgiving in that your maneuvering...even though quicker, allow for more correction without the limitation of a roadway to go off.
    Some guys have played around with the profiles to limit the degrees of movement and been successful at racing with them.
    With triple monitors, you should probably be well covered and in less need of one.
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  19. RaceWasGood


    It's always personal preference in the end, but if you decide to give it a go, this clip might be worth watching:
    I've tuned mine somewhat around what's in there and i'm pretty satisfied. Having said that, i'm not using the TrackIR everytime i drive, but i kinda like to have it available anyways.
  20. Metalogic


    I like the idea of TrackIR/Freetrack etc., but I'm not so keen on having to wear an LED hat/clip, especially as this usually has a wire hanging of it, though I'm aware current solutions don't work so well without something like this.

    I'm interested to see whether the tech in Razer's upcoming Stargazer depth-sensing ultra-high frame rate hi-tech webcam means will mean it can be used reliably with software like Freetrack/OpenTrack/FreeTrackNoir without having to use a clip/hat.

    For more information see: