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Anyone seen the relatively cheap new F1 wheel?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Gav Elias, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. The problem being, from what I understand, no LED read outs on the wheel itself.
  2. So when you say "relatively cheap", you mean "very expensive"?
  3. I saw a video review of that...it seems okay, but none of the dials on the front work.

    over all it just looks cheap...There's cool features to it, but it doesn't go quite far enough for me to justify spending that money.
  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    The dials work for PC. Not for consoles though.
  5. Rev, Bost, Tyre, Grip and the large dial in the centre are all Dummies Fake, and do not work
    Here is a post from facebook, I was asking The questions
    As with the no led, he wouldnt awnser why it wasnt included, but you can clearly see 2 screws, so im hoping some of the mod guys will be able to include one at a later date
    Joshua HappyChappy Hedges
    hmmm just found out the the dials around the centre are all dummies and do nothing, along with no led for the revs, this is a no go for meOctober 17 at 8:34pm ·

    Thrustmaster T500 RS ‎@Jason: yes it's absolutely ok.

    October 18 at 3:34pm ·

    Thrustmaster T500 RS ‎@Joshua: thanks to the different buttons available on the wheel we already have a 17 programmable functions in "Normal mode" (PC and PS3) and 29 programmable functions in "Advanced mode" (PC).

    October 18 at 3:40pm ·

    Joshua HappyChappy Hedges
    Its not so much the dummie buttons that i have an issue with, its the no led rev display that you hav not included at the top of the wheel, Dont get me wrong i love thrustmaster products ive got the Hotas Warthog sitting on my desk, and it just shout quality at you, But to leave out an inportant feature as the led lights, no sorry thats not right..... I will now be going for the fanatec f1 wheel, when its released, its has led lights :)

    October 18 at 5:22pm ·


    Thrustmaster T500 RS ‎@Joshua: thanks for your positive words about our products. We know that some of our customers have the expertise to customize / mods some of our products in order to match their individual needs and we want to keep this possibility open for them.October 19 at 8:47am

    Joshua HappyChappy Hedges
    Well i will hold back and see if mayby the moders can add the led rev display, because i have noticed you have the 2 screws on the panel on the top of the wheel, so maby they can come up with somthing, Can i ask why the led was left out?October 19 at 4:22pm ·

  6. Not at all. You try and find another F1 style wheel you'd be able to buy for anywhere near that and I'll eat my hat. You'd be lucky if you found one for under £900/1,000. So, in terms of F1 wheels available on the market, it does make it relatively cheap.
  7. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall
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  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    Me too!

    I was about to mention Logitech DFGT ....... but that would appear to be be a cheap toy ..... by implication ;)
  9. whaha!
  10. 450 for the base and 150 for the wheel thats euro :)