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Anyone racing the Histioric mods?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Gaynall Hudgins, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Anyone racing the Histioric mods like the 1955 F1, Gasoline Alley, Spirt of '76 or Grand Prix 1979? Some races in these would be fun!:thumb:
  2. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling
    Premium Member

    Honestly I find the 1979 mod pretty hard without driving aids, GA is quite fun around some oval tracks and I should try the 1955 mod sometime!
    The ferrari gto mod is fantastic!
  3. i drive Grand Prix 1979 in a league and Spirt of '76 just for fun as its not completed yet.
  4. I wasn't - but dug out my GP79 after reading this thread. I gave up on it as it was too hard for my feeble abilities.

    I just tried again with the Ferrari and WHOOHOO!!!! :jumping:.

    Useless around Monaco [yeah... tried the easy track first :D]. But just flew round Kyalami in my fastest time around the track ever. 1.11.584 [I think].

    That may not be fast - but it was fast for me. The way you can chuck the car around is unbelievable. I was being too cautious when I tried the Williams. With the Ferrari I had it drifting and bucking around - just using the ground effect to keep it on the track.

    Would love a GP79 race around Kyalami some day.
  5. yea the gp79 i lovely.

    i have a league race on kyalami tomorrow and so far with soft tires i have ran a 1:09.3 with the brabham bt49. i will try to make a high 1:08 before tomorrow
  6. Personally im a F1 1988 fan, its the only thing i use rFactor for these days apart from the odd Racing Club event.

    An event just using the ford cosworth cars could be fun, shame no one seems to run it much these days
  7. i drive in a league with the f188 mod but im getting really tired of these cars. :( and it seems like im not the only one
  8. The GP79 mod for rFactor is the best driving experience on a game I've played.
  9. Yeah I like that mod - I also like the sounds for it. I think it's accessible enough to get into, while having enough to keep you interested..

    But then these things are so subjective... :wink:
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