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Anyone interested in PC F1 2011 weekdays racing at 1:-00 GMT (6pm PST/9pmEST)?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Sk3ptik0n, Oct 3, 2011.

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  1. As a west coast simracer, I can never participate in the good races. I looked all over but I coukld not find any F1 2011 races suitable for me on weekdays. On the weekend I already have a full schedule at the times the races here start.

    I posted at the codemaster forum and I wanted to start a thread here as well to see if maybe we can get 10 dedicated racers on PC to have some fun after work.

    Anyone interested, please post here.
  2. I might be interested (even though I'm GMT+2). You could create an event in the Racing Club-section and see how many signs you get ;)
  3. Are we allowed to create our own events in this racing club? I am usually in the rFactor and Race07 clubs so I am inexperienced in this type of games.

    If I create an event here, can I also advertise it elsewhere? I was thinking of opening a thread at the CM forum, NoGrip and a couple of other places. Then the next question would be if only RD members can join these races or they are sort of open (but with a password).

    I could make RD membership Mandatory (and I figure a lot of potential racers would already be members anyway).

    It's funny that the first replay comes from someone in Europe though. It may be that there aren't just that many simracers in the west coast. Thank you for starting the conversation.
  4. I'm interested! I'm in EST. not very good for racing times...
  5. Once I get F1 2011 working again I'll play. What are the assist restrictions?
  6. As far as assists, personally I like to run mine without any assists.
    Steering assist feels weird to me (the car actually steers itself?), but I guess I could be flexible in that regard if more than one driver requests assists. Keyboard drivers especially may need it.
    To me is more important that drivers follow the RD rules as far as courtesy, sportsmanship and so forth.

    I don;t know if anyone tried the public races on 2011. Absolutely horrible. What I don;t understand is how could anyone find it "fun" to gain positions by punting the cars ahead or cutting the track so blatantly that it basically turns into an oval. Do these idiots say to themselves, after winning the race :"boy, I am good!"

    Anyway, the idea is to have a weekdays race (or more) with practice and qualification and a level of driving as good as possible. When I say "good" I don't mean necessarily "fast". I mean fair and professional.
  7. Bram

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    Yes :) <--- font size 7! Please set up custom events in the racing club forums. Thats what they are for :)
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