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Anyone have and solved this problem? (Eyefinity & Crossfire)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Lenard Schaeffler, May 28, 2012.

  1. So I just finally picked up F1 2011 off steam, was looking forward to playing it.....7 hours ago. My issue is no matter the graphical settings I use, no matter the crossfire profile, no matter the dx version I use I cant get above 15fps. I have tried updating drivers but I cant get eyefinity to enable on anything past the CCC 11-12, it just duplicates to 3 screens and tells me I am successfully using eyefinity. I know the crossfire setup works fine, as well as the eyefinity setup, used them both with great success in other games. I am really confused, already moved the replay folder, tried different drivers, cussed at it...nothing is causing an improvement.

    also tried disabling crossfire, was going to concede victory to the pc gods and play with 1 GPU but of course, now when I disable eyefinity afterburner doesn't like to recognize any control over the cards then I start getting the pixel size green spots that were prevalent in the early drivers right after the release of the 5870, I haven't gotten my ass kicked by a game this hard since I tried to get KOTOR to go wide screen, any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Wish I could help as being one of a very small number of ppl here running triple screen in 2010/2011 I have not had any issues yet.

    Im on a 5970 but am getting about 50fps while recording, I dunno if the card you have is a big step down (I wouldn't think so) Im still using the 12.1 driver for CCC I just hate updating things... So sort of glad I haven't updated as I may get the same issue.
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I wish I could help too, but I use 2 screens as independent screens.

    I have 2xHD5700's in Crossfire mode normally, and I am using the latest Catalyst drivers and profiles (12.4). What I can tell you is recently I have started disabling crossfire and using just one card for this game via CCC.

    I capture the video of most races that I do, and noticed recently that I am in the 30-40 fps area when playing, dropping to 30fps (with the odd dip) when recording.

    On disabling crossfire, the one card gives me 61 fps, and only drops to 59 fps when recording (average figures). So right at this moment I get much better performance on a single (medium spec) video card.

    I used to force a crossfire profile via Radeon Pro (AF3D Friendly?), then went back to the defaults a number of months ago. It would seem that the defaults have deteriorated since then, or my crossfire system has. It's crazy that a single card should be better than two!
  4. Yeah something about my machine does not like the driver updates, seems the more I work to find one newer than 11-8 that works, the worse the machine gets. Now its crashing on start up....IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK TO WANT TO TRY OUT DRS AND KERS! lol

    Andrew I am on crossfire 5870's so we are essentially running the same setup. Its just like me to run a setup liable to have more issues than anything else. 3 major players in install issues. Crossfire, Eyefinity, 64bit OS
  5. Usually waiting a few months after release allows the wrinkles to be ironed out....this time, not so much
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Just as a silly test, bearing in mind that I have lower spec cards and only 2 displays. I have just tried Eyefinity. Obviously it's useless using 2 screens (split in the middle), and my displays are mis-matched anyway. I have one LCD at 1680x1050, and a CRT at 1600x1200, but I did it anyway at 3536x1050. (no other settings changed from my normal)

    I then used the standard in-game benchmark at Monaco

    Crossfire enabled = Ave 27 Min 22

    Single Card = Ave 44 Min 37

    Crossfire is essentially crap with this game. So whatever you do, I would certainly recommend disabling crossfire.

    I always update my drivers, unless there is a specific reason not to (a bad report or new problem). I am on Windows 7 x64
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    The crashing on start up is a different issue (game issue).

    1/ Start the game using the keyboard ENTER key only (not the wheel start button)

    2/ Once in game, go to the menu and re-select your wheel

    3/ If you've remapped buttons and changed the dead zones, saturation settings etc. go and do them again. Your Force Feedback settings will not have changed.

    4/ You should now be good to go again ....

    This fault happens fairly regularly .... It a game feature ;)
  8. Sorry should have been more clear, the computer is crashing at startup, this is the point where I go Mengele on it and stop using anesthetic and just tear the machine apart
  9. Problem solved, I went through and manually deleted every file/reg entry that was even closely associated with AMD/ATI (wouldnt recommend this if you use and AMD processor). Moved to the 12.1 and all seems to be good
  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Good news ..... and part of the sheer joy of owning a PC sometimes ;)
  11. Sheer joy of owning an amd card you mean;)

    I remember when I had problems with AMD drivers I had to do this:
    Uninstall drivers through control panel
    Reboot to safe mode
    Run Driver Sweeper
    Reboot to Win7 mega huge edition and install new drivers

    Might help some guys from digging in registry
  12. Driver sweeper is no longer a supported program, has ad/spyware on it and freezes when attempting to run it. Manually is about the only option. Interestingly I have never had an issue with AMD/ATI drivers until now (not counting the release drivers of the 5870), I always just installed new drivers right over top of the old, Im guessing there was a fairly large coding update between the 11-12's and the 12-1's
  13. Wow, no had no idea driver sweeper contained malware, I have an old version though so hope it was OK...
  14. Yeah half the time I spent diagnosing the issue on F1 2011 on the second day was undoing the damage done by the bundled malicious software that rode in on driver sweeper and removing said software, interestingly enough one of the only places to find it is downloads.com run by cnet, and that version is infected. Downloads.com used to be the way to go if you wanted to find something and be sure it was safe, they are slipping
  15. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

  16. I understand there is still the official site, with the most up to date (which means not very) version, but support for it has long since been abandoned when a good portion stopped using it due to added verbiage in the EULA stating that it collects data. Which is why Guru3d no longer hosts it. So even if you get one that isnt infected by additional malware, you are still installing something requiring you to give permission to hijack info. But I appreciate the effort there herr endres