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Anyone had a G27 and bought a Thrustmaster t500 rs?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Neil Harvey, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. I'm currently running a G27, the wheel is good. But I hate the pedals and the rattling bugs me!

    So anyone had a G27 and bought a t500? What's your opinion, is it worth the upgrade?

    A thread here mentions a load cell being developed. So that interests me, I did plan to get the CS v2 pedals, but might wait to see what the load cell is like for the t500 before deciding.
  2. I went from a G27 to a T500 + F1 add on about a month ago and have no regretsat all. The wheel is a massive step up from the G27, the feel and Precision are far better, the FFB superb and the button layout second to none, with every function easilly dealt with without taking your hands off the wheel. The top two rotary switches act as a D-pad so tyres and fuel mix are selected with your thumbs while keeping full control of the wheel. I believe the pedals are better than the G27 and I used to have the nixim mod fitted to mine which IMO improved them 100%, but the T500 with its own supplied brake mod I find much better all round.
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  3. Thanks Steve, appreciate your reply ;)
  4. The wheel-feel is like night and day.

    Pedals i donĀ“t use either, CSP here.