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Anyone going to make a skin pack based on the <2004 championships?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Matt Y, Jan 30, 2015.

    1. <2004 means 2004 and earlier.
    2. You could try converting the 2003 skins to unleashed.
  1. I wouldn't expect the older cars would be in the older series but I would be nice to see older series's
  2. I have the 2003 cars I did and have at rF Central in Unleashed now. The trouble is theres only a few drivers, helmets done and no pit boxes and team boards. Still a lot of work. I don't wont to release a in complete season but aren't motivated enough to do what needs doing.
    Not sure it's worth the time for 100 or less downloads.
    It is really a lot of work needed.
  3. I didn't mean to offend anyone, I personally think the newer cars should be concentrated on if they are being made
  4. Where?
  5. I guess that sounds like there at rF Central the way it's written.
    Sorry but not those.,, Ok. Those skins that are released for V8Factor. Not Unleashed.

    I have those skins set up in Unleashed here on my PC. Not as a download. The season is in complete.

  6. I am converting the f1c skins to unleashed for personal use. If someone wants them, send me a message
  7. I spent months searching for and doing the final 10 rounds that were missing from the 2012 season. Many of which no one else even considered trying to make.
    This was released 24 May. 3 Months ago. Posted here and at the ISI forums. It's been downloaded just over 100 times sins. Not a good download count to warrant puting the work needed into bringing a far older season.

    The F1Challenge 2003 cars are on a very old first draft template. I used them as guides only but found them to be quite in accurate at the time. Not that, that seams to matter to most people.

    I'm not going to release a unfinished season. I mentioned that I have the 2003 season and what it needs to be finished thinking maybe a few guy's here may step up to help finish it.
    None did so it sits untouched.
    Maybe it's my fault I didn't get any offers to help because I am hard on both accuracy and quality seen when working on the 2005 season. But that's not going to change anytime soon.

    I don't know how the 2005 season release went as far as downloads but I did have it linked on my Mediafire account and got no hits before I removed it.
  8. I for one love the 05 skins and use that mod quite often which is why I wanted the 03 & 04 skins as well. I understand that the 04 skins that I'm converting are not that good in resolution and some of the colors are way off, but I have modified these slightly to get them more accurate.

    As far as name boards, suits and helmets go. These do not have to be 100% accurate for me to be able to enjoy driving these cars.

    Between TCL, ORSM and RSM, I have from 1985-1992 and now 2004-2015 seasons convered. With my own physics to make what I believe is more accurate way the cars drive. I've even been lucky enough to get a copy of Shane Van Gisbergen motec data and laid that over mine and it seems very similar at most tracks. Although the bastard is allot more accurate getting the power down than me. :)
  9. i would help doug but I cant paint skins, only windows and that sort of thing
  10. Hi Doug.
    I'm mirroring the 2005 mod and have had 225 downloads, so it's gone alright. If you want some help with the 03' stuff, I'm happy to lend a hand. I'm quite picky with quality as well so I'll gladly give it all a crack.

    As for the 2004 season, ChaosF1 did release a link which I'm mirroring for him. Thanks to ChaosF1, Gavin and Doug for the great job of these. This one wasn't really advertised much but has had over 100 downloads.
  11. Yeah. It is a bit of a scratch your head moment when the 2012 season isn't moving anything like I would have expected.
    It takes 3 downloads to get it though. Not that I can see why that would be a issue. The season is close to 3GB as one download so to be safer and reduce the chance of corruption errors I've made it 3, all less then 1GB so I don't see that as a issue.
    I just assumed it's not that sort after.

    I haven't had anyone having problems with downloading and/or installing them.
  12. All the liveries and windows are done. More the drivers and helmets need to be done.
  13. It works fine for me and it was good to get a complete season. I know even some of the simple looking liveries take a lot of effort to get right. I don't know how you got cars like the Murphy Pepsi Max cars or the Jim Beam Abu Dhabi looking so good. They must have been a hell of a lot of work!
  14. I have the 2012 season, it looks good. As for the 2003 season, if there are any easy things to do I'll help, as I say I am only learning the basics of painting the actual car
  15. If you plan to do the 2003 season EA ghia and Doug, let me know and I will be willing to do anything that isn't as complicated, I am not good at the livery of the car but as I said I can do the smaller part and would be happy to