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PC Anyone getting a "can't turn properly" bug in races?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by John Peat, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. I've had this in 3 races now - different circuits and cars - and I'm mystified...

    Basically after a lap-or-so the car feels like it's lost a tonne of front-end-grip - I'm oversteering like crazy and having to slow-down and lose places.

    The weird thing is, it sometimes goes away again after a lap-or-2 and it's really, really noticeable when it returns - like getting a new car again!!

    I'm wondering if it's a tyre bug - I was practicing in the MB 6.3 last night and after 4 laps I still didn't have any 'green' tyres - they didn't 'green' in qualy either but it was driving OK and then in the race (when they start green) I had - if anything - LESS grip!?

    Another possibly related thing - after contact you seem to suffer reduced grip for a short period (next corner or 2 at most) - have they messed-up some sort of tyre heat/friction issues in a recent patch?
  2. I never experienced this in GT3's or Open Wheels. I would do a game integrity check.
  3. That might solve a game crashing, it's not going to solve a game which is just a sloppy half-finished mess of a thing

    I love the idea that the Steam Integrity Check actually checked the integrity of the game (not just the files) tho

    "Steam has checked the integrity of Project Cars and noted there are several things which the developers promised and never bothered to include as well as a number of features which are half-baked-at best - we give it a 6"

    Valve should totally implement that ;0
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