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Anyone able to beat 120% ?? (Stock Car - Velopark 2010)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by LazyBug, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. The best i can do is still at least 1.5s slower than 120% AI driving stock car in Velopark, like to know if anyone beat those AI & dont mind to share some tips about how to do it :coffee:
  2. I think you are doing pretty good. In some cases I can't even see the other cars at 120%. In fact, most of the cars at 100% are a bit hard to compete against (I think there is one that I have to put at 110% to get a fair fight).

    But if you really are looking for a challenge, you can start last and/or do a pit stop in the race.
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  3. What i thinking is that since the game has 120% AI then there must be a way to beat them, so i looking for some answer. Or is it a must to have a clutch to beat those AI since wheel without clutch cant do heel toe technique ??
    By the way thanks for your time :thumbsup:
  4. I don't think the clutch has anything to do with it. What I do know is that on many games, like GTR1, Race07 and rFactor, I am usually competitive with most mods at 110% or 120%. With GSC, except for rare instances, I have to set them at 100% and in many cases that's too fast for me too.

    FYI, I love to use my Gated shifter and H&T whenever I can, I was just racing the AI in GSC at Donington with the DRM mod. Lots of fun, but definitely, I am slower when driving "properly". Even with the H shifter but autoclutch I am about 1/2 second faster on the average lap.

    I just cannot bring myself to drive vintage cars with paddles. It seems unnatural to me.

    As far as 120% needed some people to be able to beat it to justify its existence, yes, I am sure there are people that can beat it. We call them Aliens. And that's why we call them aliens.

    A couple of weeks ago one of those UberAliens showed up in our league (which already has its share) and absolutely beat us all mercilessly. I usually finish in the top 10 (but rarely the top 5) ad he passed me as if I were changing a tire by the side of the road. A couple of our best guys gave him some hard time, but eventually he won every race he entered.

    He is a pro driver IRL, but not a world famous one, mind you, and currently he is racing in the minor leagues still.
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  5. Ic. At least now i know 120% AI can be beaten, so now the question is how ?? Or may be i should replace my DFGT with some better wheel first before anything else :whistling:
  6. You don't 'have to' beat 120%. It's just there if you are an alien and you have no challenge vs 119%, 115%, 110%, 100% etc.

    Whatever % makes it the most fun for you, is the way to go.
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  7. Yeah i know what you mean but if i can already beat 105% of cause i like to know a tips or two how to beat 106%, at least thats how i improve my racing skill.
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  8. Indeed, but the only 2 things I can tell you to help you, is:

    1. Improve your setups.
    2. Lots of practice.

    There is no shortcut, unfortunately.
  9. Thats why i need some tips because am a noob in setup thing, especially every game has its own physic in car setup so what work in this game doesnt mean work in that game. I can do the practice part but its always easier if someone share their knowledge on setup rather than endless trying this or that alone.
  10. The way I learnt was googling rFactor Setup. No specific links, as I visited millions of them.

    Not to mention that after that, most setups take a lot of trial and error. Also note, I do not consider myself a setup expert, I just know enough to get around looking like a TOTAL loser :rolleyes:
  11. Ok this is what most people say about doing car setup ...
    1. Practice with same setup until the lap time is consistent .. about ~0.5s different.
    2. Then try adjust one little thing at a time to see the result ..
    3. Repeat step 1 & 2 .... again & again.
    So i do exactly like that driving stock car in Velopark 2010 & i getting more or less the same lap time after alot of setup testing beating 108% AI but thats the limit, i find no room to improve not even 1% ...
    Thats why i post this thread. I just hoping if here any 120% guy who dont mind to share a little bit their setup on this track or video for me to learn something :whistling:
  12. I don' t believe 120 was designed to be beaten, at least not fairly. It is not an arcade game where the aim is to beat it at the hardest level. It is a race sim, and the percentage is purely there to provide you the individual with the ability to adjust the cars to give you the best challenge. If anyone really is able to beat 120%, then Reiza would need to provide a 125 or 130. (or prevent corner cutting and external driving view and all the non-real world driving aids, and turning damage off etc).
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2013
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