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Anybody working on a sim with the rF2 engine?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Steve Adams, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. I would like to know if anybody is working on a sim that is using the rFactor2 engine yet?
  2. Rf Pro uses the engine, but that's out of reach unless you are a motor company, Formula 1 team or motorsports works team etc etc. Tim Wheatley did say ISI sold the licence to a 3rd party / developer recently and confirmed it was not Reiza, So it's anyones guess.
  3. JeffL

    Right on Brother, I hear ya, it's all good.

    Actually rf pro uses the gmotor2 from rfactor 1 not gmotor 2.5 which is rfactor 2
  4. Ah Ok I stand corrected, I am sure I read somewhere rFpro had updated to gMotor2.5.
    Or I read rF2 was actually a back port of rfpro. Or I dreamt the whole thing :)
  5. Codemasters F1 2016 is the only one that I know of. :whistling:
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  6. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen
    Premium Member

    isiMotor2 became the software engine used by most of the Formula One grid when various advancements and a further opened architecture led to rFactor Pro. This product, which continues to evolve, has become the leading software solution for racing teams and automotive manufacturers.
    Taking what was learned from isiMotor2 and rFactor Pro, ISI began development of rFactor2, a huge step forward in the simulation of track, tire, weather and physics, with a newly improved graphics engine.

  7. Yapci

    Premium Member

    Sebastien Loeb Rally game uses it too!
  8. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    pCARS2 :D
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  9. I heard that the HistoriX team is the one.