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any way to assign a button instead of an axis for braking function?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by CasualRacer47, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Using my Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 FFB wheel from the two foot pedals I always use only the right one, throttle paddle for function THROTTLE.

    Since my left foot is physically too weak for the very strong left foot break paddle to push, I always assign a BUTTON for breakingin games instead of an axis in all my racing games from Simbin's GTR2 to rFactor 1/2 to GSC 2012/2013.

    And in all those games it is very easy to assign any button for breaking. I always use button1 of the F430 wheel, which is the (I don't know how to call it in english language) which is the left paddle on the wheel (the right paddle I usually use for DRS or push-to-pass.

    Now, unfortunately, at least in the control settings within ASSETTO CORSA, for the break function the game seems to accept only an axis for breaking. When I try with the wizard or the settings to assign button 1 for breaking, game does not recognize button 1 at all (or any other buttons) but only an axis.

    Is there some "miracle workaround"/cheat whatever, maybe in an INI file or some other configuration file that can be opened with Windows Editor, where one can just assign in there a button for breaking instead of an axis?

    Or any other "trick" to assign button fpor breaking?

    Any help highly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. I think it is not possible now, but can´t you use your right foot for throttle and brake?
  3. Turk


    If you had an old joystick around you might be able to use that as a handbrake. I know with my setup the pedals and wheel are two separate devices, so it is possible for it to recognise and use two devices simultaneously.

    It would give you better brake control and be more natural to use than a button. If it's possible???
  4. No, I only got an XBOX360 controller extra but don't see a way to handle the wheel with my two hands AND the xbox controller.

    I do know that using a button instead of axis for breaking is not "accurate", but actually I don't care about that. In ALL my racing games I never use clutching nor shifting, no gearing (always automatic) and ALWAYS the "paddle button" for breaking. So actually I do not understand what's different why rFactor 1+2, GSC 2011-2013, Race07, GTR2, Codemasters F1 and GRID and DIRT and whatever else racing games allow and recognize not only axis but also buttons for breaking - except for ASSETTO CORSA ???
  5. Couldn't find any way to assign a button to brakes, the controls.ini in Users\You\My Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\ only seems to be willing to take an axis for me, that's the only place I know of that would be able to make it happen.
  6. Is this a situation where you could stick a really soft spring in the brake? Or is that not going to work?

    What about getting a three pedal unit and using the clutch pedal for a brake? More expensive than a single spring though.
  7. I still don´t understand why he can´t brake with the right foot instead of his weak left one. Maybe you can take some of these rubber bands.
    Attech them to your brake pedal that they pull it down and work against the spring of the brake until it´s easy enaugh to brake for you.
  8. Actually, I do not understand what you say, meaning I don't understand what "soft spring" in the break means? Don't know the technical term "soft spring", as English is not my mother language.

    Actually I cannot afford another wheel.

    Besides: what I do not get is WHY in hell do they make the foot throttle pedal and foot break pedal so different, that you can push easily the throttle pedal but you need much more effort to push the break pedal!?? I mean why don't they just make the break pedal as easy to hit with the foot like the throttle pedal?

    Because "he" ;-) does break and throttle at the same time, while the right foot is still on the throttle foot pedal at the same time when a curve is coming using the left wheel paddle as break and then releasing the break paddle after the curve. Which is not possible with one foot.
  9. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    Could You adjust the brake range in the game so that you only have to press the brake pedal very lightly?
  10. Well, when drivers heel&toe they use the same foot for both pedals at the same time. But in that case the foot is moved to the brake and taps the throttle rather than a smoother transition.

    About the spring, I mean a spring that compresses easily so that less pressure is required. squishy like the throttle.

    Also, the brake pedal is harder because in a real car the brake pedal is harder. In addition having a harder brake pedal allows for more precise movement. With more resistance the motion can be smoother since more force is required. (but if too much resistance you can get erratic again)
    If the pedal is too soft it will hit the floor if you fart on it and it will be useless in most situations.(for most people)

    Do not even get me started with highway driving in modern cars with throttle pedals that are too light. Crappy speed regulation, erratic acceleration, sore foot/leg, etc. :poop:
    Give me a carb, throttle cable, and a beefy return spring any day. :thumbsup:

    Anyway, a different spring in your brake pedal should make it like the throttle pedal.
    You would have to ask someone else for more help since I do not have that pedal set.
  11. Thanx for the explanation: didn't know that, since I never made a "real life" drivers license nor ever driven a real life car. Also not very firm with technical matters and technical terms language.

    I guess I have to live with it, that ASSETTO CORSA will never become my favorite game because unlike all other racing simulations it does not allow a button for breaking.

    Well, as a workaround I assigned "handbreak" function to my left wheel paddle and now I TRY getting used to break with "handbreak" function instead of break function.

    Funny, now this is now - in 20some years of computer racing - my very first ever game where I even USE handbreak, since always ever before in all racing games I did not even ASSIGN the handbreak function to any button in any game!
  12. The handbrake also known as parking brake or emergency brake is generally very weak. and in any cars I have driven only applies to the rear wheels. The normal brakes primarily affect the front wheels with a bit of braking for the rear as well.

    If you cannot modify the pedals I would really suggest using the same foot for both brake and throttle.
  13. maybe i could help. Use http://xpadder.com/ it makes gamepad or wheel controler simulates pressing a key on a Keyboard.

    I use Logitec profiler to do the same, since the POV on the wheel does not register on Assetto Corsa.

    both do the same, just bind it to a key, and your good to go :cool:
  14. Actually I DO HAVE Xpadder, but no clue how to use it with a wheel paddle.

    I used it for train simulator, simulating keyboad buttons on the xbox controller for example to use use "throttle" and "brake" with the xbox 360 controller left stick to move up and down instead of a keyboard button w and whatever.

    But HOW would I have to do to simulate an AXIS left foot pedal for braking on the wheel left paddle?
    Since this is a wheel AXIS and NOT a keyboard key?

    HOW can this be done to adjust the brake axis to the wheel left paddle button 1?

    EDIT. XPADDER detects wheel button 1 when I push it in the wheel.

    But in XPADDER I can only adjust this one button to any keyboard key and not to a wheel axis.

    On ASSETTO CORSA on the other hand I can only choose between wheel OR keyboard.

    I cannot mix those in ASSETO CORSA to just give braking a keyboard key and leave the rest on wheel settings like throttle for axis 2 and wheel for axis 1 and the secondary functions for wheel buttons..

    And even if I could mix that/change that in AC control settings I do not see a way to add a wheel axis to XPADDER !??

    Is there a possibility within ASSETTO CORSA to use wheel AND keyboad at once (so I can later simulate the key with Xpadder? )

    In other words, I need your help. Many thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2013