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Any tips to drive Ferrari 458 Italia fast ??

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Try search AC forum for this car driving tips but no result to be found .. currently doing this car vs Imola and i found this car act very weird to my taste, wondering if the car really act like that irl & if so i dont think i will buy it assume if i have the money of course :D Not even sure if its actually oversteer or understeer after few hours driving it.

    By the way where is that FFB gain slider in the setup menu ?? I found the wheel become so much heavy compare to BMW M3 GT2.
  2. + and - from numpad adjusts ffb per car and saves it per car. For fov, ctrl and + or -, also from numpad, but this doesn't save it.
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  3. there is a FFB app in game.
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  4. It's you overdriving, probably..
    458 in v1.4 is a gem of a car, no idea how you are not liking it?
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  5. One of the worst things in driving road car is heavy braking like as you do in race car. You always have to hold enough grip before turn in for use of turning. The ferrari is actually low grip and low downforce car to race car, if you make any of sudden move you simply over the limit so to speak.
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  6. Ok now this the way ya .. i didnt know it. Last time there an adjustable FFB & Damping option in each car's setup menu.

    I have no problem driving this car but consider i still 3s slower than RSR WR i know i still need to push more .. just i dont know how.

    I wonder if i should drift/power slide this car to go faster :whistling:
  7. Drifting and powerslide is usually always slower... Tho four wheel sliding through fast curves can be fast in street cars, depending on the tyres.

    As for the car itself, didn't really drive it since they seemingly updated it, but I remember the brake bias to feel quite biased to the front. So brake early and avoid trailbraking hard into corners.
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  8. I have english difficulty to understand this "avoid trailbraking hard into corners" thing :D
  9. Basically, brake in a straightline. Don't brake all the way to the apex (trailbraking). Well, you can do it a little bit, like 5-10%, but no more, otherwise the front tyres will lose grip due to the front brake bias.
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  10. Alright understood but i didnt do that trailbraking all the way to the apex thing .. already 0% right after i started to turn & let the remaining speed throw the car into apex then throttle again.

    Nevertheless i just spend 6~8 hrs max driving this car so i guess still lot more driving to do to finally understand how to handle this car properly & competitively :whistling:
  11. Sometime i really dont get these car setup thing .. just improve 0.5s by just increase 3psi tyre pressure front + rear without changing driving style or brake point or anything else.

    I thought track like Imola which has lot of corner should use lower tyre pressure to gain more grip & help acceleration but 31psi / 33psi are not low pressure i believe.
  12. I don't know about V6, but the V5 tyre model is basically broken and higher pressures is way faster (to a point).
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  13. Ic. I know BMW GT2 already model 6 but this 458 still model 5, i wonder why. Not enough time to tweak all at the same time ??
  14. By the way is there any other broken thing that i should know about this game ?? I not really follow all the news for a long times :whistling:
  15. Max camber doesn't make braking worse... :p
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  16. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    Is max camber a thing again? I'm starting to dislike unrealistic setups, does it affect GT3s? I'll have to enable dev apps and do some testing.
  17. I dont know much about setup but I sure even AC setup has never ever been realistic .. from all the real car setup articles i had read they all saying rear toe-out will not help the driving in any way & in fact do more harm than good but i found many aliens who share their setup actually using huge toe-out for rear wheel.

    Its just Simulator after all; "Trying to be as real as possible" but it will never get 100% real. Otherwise thats not simulator any more.
  18. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    That is for the front wheels, in the back it can be used to make the car better on exits and entry of turns.
  19. Here is one of the source that i had read talking about rear toe-out .. according to the article It hurts in almost all cases except for helping rotation on a FWD car when you are completely out of tuning options. Meaning rear toe out is generally not a good thing especially for RWD.

    And toe adjustment should be like this:

    I dont see they suggest any rear toe out value for RWD but many alien setup use way more than 1/8" for hotlapping :confused:

    So realistic or not?? I really dont know.

    Link -> http://www.motoiq.com/MagazineArtic...and-Handling-Part-Seven--Tuning-your-Toe.aspx
  20. Toe out on the rear in a RWD car is dumb, lol... I use 0 on my real life Miata, most RWD usually have a bit of toe in.
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