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any performance tips?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by yusupov, May 23, 2014.

  1. im getting relatively awful performance from this engine on the demo w/ settings maxed. i run a 4770k & 780 & AC & GSCE, the two most recent/similar games i can think of (partic. gsc), both run fine. is this that badly optimized or is there a killer setting im missing & need to turn down?
  2. Lazarou


    Badly optimized mate. You have turn a lot the options down for me anyway (2gb 660ti). I used this guide to help me, although as it mentions in the thread the AA in game is a lot better now so i just use them.
  3. What he said. Some people I've seen run it on basically minimum graphics just to get a playable frame rate, if they have a mid end GPU.

    But it's about gameplay, rather than looking pretty anyway, so that shouldn't be a bother.
  4. I'd have a look at the ISI forums. I do remember odd comments about low performance with the better better nvidia cards.

    As a comparison I have a 3570 @ 4.2GHz and a 7850, and I run most settings at max apart from the two reflection settings - which are turned off. I'm currently using video v-sync and it hardly ever drops below 60fps and that's with 20 visible cars in front of me.

    I get slightly better performance than AC.

    You should have no problems with your setup - in theory. Try turning reflections off first and then adding them in, an increment at time.
  5. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Haven't played rF2 for a while. I am getting some horrible frame "judder" rather than low frame rates. Played around with quality to no avail. Same high and low. Any ideas what might be causing it?



    No problems at all with AC, GSC, DTM etc on high settings
  6. Use "ctrl-f" to see your fps.

    Start with everything on low/off. AA level in 0. Hdr off etc...

    Make shure they are above 60fps at all times. Then V-sync it. Use "video".

    Circuit detail and reflections can cause havy fps drops on third party mods.

    Limiting visable cars can be a solution with fps problems on a full grid.
    Note that standing cars aren't included in this. So if you have fps issues driving by the pitlane with a lot of cars in the pit, this could be the cause. There is a setting in the PRL file to limit this aswell. But never tried it.
  7. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Have tried all that Gijs. Like I say, the fps is good but every half second I get micro stutters and they aren't random, it's like the second hand on a clock ticking at very regular intervals. Never had this problem before with rf2. Only have new install base with civics and Estoril installed.
  8. Stange, i've the same CPU, Same RAM. You can use the task manager or crtl-c to see your cpu usage.

    Only i've 2x660ti in SLI on tripples.
    v-sync on video at 60fps solved my micro stutters. Because the fps went from 200 to 80 and back. Depends were i was on track.

    Hyperthreading could also be a cause.
    And make shure you have auto-details turned off.
  9. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I haven't used it no. Like I said, rF2 always was OK even at high settings. I've only just developed this problem since going with a clean install.
  10. well i bit the bullet & bought it last night & the performance has been excellent; even under same conditions. running some fairly intense aliasing via nvidia inspector as well. i did turn a couple of the suggested reflection settings to low, maybe that helped or maybe my computer was just having an off afternoon. at any rate im pleased to be in the rf2 club now, im impressed with it pretty much all around. i am surprised & disappointed at the lack of content; so much less (official & modded) than GSC -- was expecting to be spending hours downloading mods.

    and as far as i can tell the premium (literally) one, URDs endurance mod, isnt available yet, but hopefully coming soon? their website is really sparse but i know ive seen a couple youtube vids of people using it, & the other day talked to a guy on twitch who said he'd just bought it & was playing it at the time. anyone know what im missing??
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  11. I have great FPS with triples and everything on max except track detail on high and road reflection off. 56fps at the back of a 16- car grid with last week's URD mod (superb mod) at Silverstone rising to 100fps down the Hangar Straight. All this at 5760 x 1080. AA at Level 6 and AF at x16.
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  12. Sounds good. :thumbsup: What graphics-card are you using? :)
  13. 780Ti...but was getting good fps too with 2 x 680 gtx in sli.
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  14. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    680 in sli should outdo that 780ti ^^.

    Anyway, I am running a 7970 about 20% overclocked and a i5 3570k at 4.9 GHz. Everything maxed out without frame drops, the only issue that I have is that I run out of memory on big grids. However the 4gig patch in the download section fixed that partly and now I van even run big grids, altho I have tot load a few times before it works.
    So with the specs you guys have you should get good results :-o.

    @Justin Swan
    How high is your ambient temp? Rfactor is very CPU heavy and can actually cause stuttering in a rhythm. It can't be hyper threading tho as your CPU doesn't have that.
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  15. Yes a lot of people have been saying that 2 x GTX 680 cards should outperform 1 x GTX 780Ti, but I haven't found that to be the case in any of the sims I use (rF2, AC, pCARS, iRacing). It might be that the 780 has 3GB of RAM and I race at high res that makes the difference.