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Any Performance difference if i use a Momo steering or a G25 or G27 Wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by formulafan, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I currently own a Old Logitech Momo Steering wheel and i was wondering if there is any difference in terms of control and performance with different wheel like G25 or G27 , I only Play F1 and what i need is only the paddle shift ,accelerator and brake only , I do not need the gear shift and clutch like the G25 and G27 .

    It's about time to look for a new wheel now as the old wheel is giving some trouble now . price difference for these wheels are of great difference . Please advise . Thanks
  2. IMO they are worth the cost. I wouldnt expect to gain seconds on your lap times. A better wheel may get you a couple tenths, but the biggest thing is more control, or maybe better FFB on the nicer wheels. One upgrade i'm thinking about is the fanatec clubsport pedals..
  3. you need a player that has used all 3 wheels or they will just be bias to what ever wheel they own
    so may be you should do a poll on What Wheel do you use and the results will tell you 2 things

    1 what the majority are using
    2 what wheel is the best value

    I got G25 and it rocks I would like more buttons on wheel but i can get by with just 2
  4. I use the G27, fantastic wheel, no perfrormance issues here..
  5. I have a ten year old Microsoft FFB wheel and did consider getting G25 or G27 (can only find G25 locally) but don't want to give up the far superior mounting system my Microsoft wheel uses. Once you set the tension on the Microsoft clamp al you have to do is push up to clamp to desk and pull down to release. That's much quicker and easier than the two knobs you have to turn to tighten to the desk on the Logitech wheels. Reviews said back in the day that the Microsoft wheel had the best clamping system on their wheel so why didn't other companies use the same design? I had a wheel with the Logitiech method and hated it.
  6. Only two? That sucks. My Microsoft wheel has six and I use all of them.
  7. The G27 has six buttons. It's my first wheel and I'm loving it!
  8. I only used 2 of the buttons on my G27, the rest of the stuff i had mapped to the buttons on the gearbox unit. Its a great wheel and the quality is nice, i'm not sure how much time it will gain you though, especially in F1 2010 as the FFB is very basic (even tho G27 is considered to have the best with this game).
  9. I use Logitech MOMO. My friend have G25. on MOMO i do 1.22.8 in Melburn, on G25 after three days trainings - only 1.23.2. But i think, for this game steering MOMO is too hard, so G25-G27 is much better.
  10. True but you only have to turn the knobs on the G25 half turn and the ones for the gearstick is set I just push it on to my desk the reason I release the knobs half turn on the wheel is the cables comming out from under the wheel I would hate to damage them. The G25 is a really good wheel down side is it only has 2 buttons on the wheel so you need the gearbox housing as well more space needed on your desk top
  11. I still drive with my 9 year old Wingman MOMO Force. You know the predecessor expensive wheel Logitech produced. Before they went mainstream and created that MOMO Force with that gearshifter gimmick builtin. But after nine years woreking like a charm the driveshaft broke finally. LOL So I Epoxy-glued it until my G27 arrives (hopefully soon). 6 buttons are a must and the main reason I bypassed the G25 to tell the truth. But as for laptimes......well.....nothing feels more F1'ish than my current MOMO I just hope the better FFB in the g27 makes it easier to sense the grip loss in comparison and I will be well happy. I let you know once I had teh comparison. As for the MS wheel. No offense but the soggy FFB coming from those is such rubbish. Used to have one. Mounting was second to none though, but only worked there because the MS wheel's forces are so low. :) Have a nice day.
  12. Am using the G25 and so far it rocks!
  13. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    I've owned several momo's and thrustmasterwheels over the years.
    The G25 is by far the best buildwheel I've owned I can only imagine the G27 is even better build.

    Did switching to the g series wheels made me faster..... I dont think so.
    Maybe more consitent and the wheel lasts, have it since it came out and it's still in good shape,
    While I wrecked many pedal sets on my momo's.
  14. I got a G27 a few days ago as a replacement for my DFP, and I can say that it has made absolutely no difference to my times at all!