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Any one else getting low FPS, CPU and GPU usage with good systems

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by David O Gorman, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. I have a 480 at stock speed
    A q6600 overclocked to 3ghz
    IVe a xfi card so audio is set to hardware

    Im averaging 40-50 fps at res from 800x600 windowed to 1920x1200 fullscreen
    with all graphic options set to the max possible
    fps isnt increasing or decreasing with res changes

    The issue im having is my cpu is never going over 60% usage
    and my gpu At 1900x1200 is only barely hitting 45%
    When game is in a window gpu is dropping down to 30-35 %
    and cpu usage is staying the same
    Above is using dx9
    When i change to dx11 in the config by cpu usage is dropping to
    48 - 50 % usage.

    Something in the game code seems to be limiting either the cpu or the gpu or both

    Intrested in other peoples tests
    PS the game runs fine at 40 - 50 fps ,just trying to figure out why its not using the resources of my pc and giving me much higher fps as a result

    For my tests
    FPS shown with Msi after burner and Cpu usage show with Everest
    Alt Enter will change from full screen to windowed and back again.
  2. I have an i5 750 @4ghz with a 5870. 4GB DDR3.

    Game runs fine @ 45-60fps with everything on ultra/high. I turned off Rapture and it seemed to improve things a bit. I havent run any extensive tests. But, i am surprised i am not getting better performance with this setup based on the high performance out of DiRT2 with DX11 and everything on highest.
  3. Dave check and see what you cpu and gpu usage are ,even in windowed mode.
    it would be much appreciated
  4. same here e8400 @3ghz , gfx gts250 oc, 3gig of ram ony getting 27-31 fps with ultra and high settings and if i change settings to medium still the same , needs a patch i think
  5. well i got the new drivers and its worse for me card gets red hot and the game now freze 23fps , so i chose auto gfx in game and it set everything to low/med with 34fps game looks crap at those settings . so i think its the game as i am above the recomended system specs
  6. Even on my old E7400 dual core/ 8800GTS(320mb) system the CPU usage maxes out at around 60% and the GPU usage is never more than 67% when racing (but 100% when in the menus)

    I still get a minimum of 30FPS (and it is a very smooth 30FPS..if I turn off fraps I wouldn't believe it was that low) but there is definitely a bug with the game engine. I reckon I'd be getting nearer to 50FPS if my components were being utilised properly.
  7. @frashed
    Couldnt be as ATI users are suffering the same issue
    At least one guy has posted that he is running a 5950 and he getting less fps than me,
    Guys with 5870s and 5850s are suffering the same issues.

    Oh and that driver came out 10 days before the earliest release date of F1,and its a beta and dosent contain an F1 profile
  8. I think thats the reason most havent spotted this issue ,they are assuming that a new game coming out will mean less fps ,and they arent checking whats actually going on in their system to verify that all of their machines resources are being used.
  9. anyone tried with Ati 5870/5850 to change in hardware_settings_config.xml line <directx forcedx9="false" /> to <directx forcedx9="true" />
    this should switch game to directX9 instead of directX11, maybe this will help (worked in Dirt2)
  10. Im getting fairly low FPS, albiet an older card (3870 HD) but doesn't seem to make much difference whether its on ultra settings or on low settings, the FPS gain is very minimal. DIRT2 uses the same game engine and runs far smoother than this game for me, i run that with max settings.
  11. I used the mklink command line but it says : systhem cannot find the specified path, my f1 is installed on D:games/f1 and i have no space on C: to watch the replays, i use Win7. Please help, what must i type exactly in the CMD?

    (Sorry for my english)
  12. Can anyone with the Steam version verify that they have this folder??


    This was one of the folders to find the replay file to delete in the link above to help in the process with FPS in game.. http://segmentnext.com/2010/09/23/f1...freezes-fixes/

    But for me I don't have that folder. Closest one I have is MyDocuments/My Games/FormulaOne and three folders there, hardwaresettings, MediaContent and savegame.

    I have a 5850 with Eyefinity and I'm struggling to get 30fps on medium settings. On high settings it looks great but with a full grid I drop just below 30fps. Its playable but if there is a work around it then that would be great.
  13. its a hidden folder m8 enable hidden folders and drives in control panal. C:\ProgramData\Codemasters\FormulaOne
  14. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Similar problems - had to turn the game settings down to LOW and it looks cack and was still giving me a headache :)

    Going to try it in Windows 7 and see if it's any better with the different drivers there.
  15. This file does not exist for me, i have show hidden files on anyway, i have the steam version installed and nowhere on my computer can i find this replay file. anyway.

    My game textures randomly just went crap, track still looks good but the car texture, and many detailed textures (like my truck, with my agent) have become all blurry. Tried changing various settings and it remains. Along with that my FPS is still crap (i dont have fraps, but id say its under 20fps at best) regardless of what settings i use, the visual difference between max/min settings doesn't seem huge, in the same way as the fps difference is very small.

    This games performance should be very similar to GRID/Dirt 2, but its not even close in terms of FPS. This, along with the lack of proper FFB has spoiled this game for me.
  16. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Well, it seems slightly better in W7, but not a huge improvement.

    I even turned on the Sync setting to stop any shearing and it just wasn't great. Changing screen resolution or in-game quality settings don't seem to change it much either.

    The graphics on the screenshots and movies look way better than anything I seem to be able to get. I don't have the fastest system in the world, but the HD4650 is a decent card.

    I'm just not finding it that playable as the graphics juddering and jerking about are giving me a headache.
  17. My PC pretty much matches the recommended specs but I always thought the "recommended specs" were optimistic. Every Crammond GP game which came out crippled my system, GPL crippled my system, GTL and rFactor certainly couldn't be run at full settings and even so I was looking at frame-rates in the 20s in a grid of 24.

    Dirt2 ran pretty well on my system but there's usually only one car on screen - and is it 8 with a "full" grid?. Shift gave me hope after the patch, my PC copes with its 16 cars amazingly well - better than Dirt2 with 8.

    F1 2010 recommended "high" graphic settings which worked fine for hotlapping. But with a grid of 24 things were not really playable. I set the graphics to "medium", updated my ATI 4850 drivers (not done this for 9 months) and the game now runs smoothly in a race at Monza at least, with fps in the 40s. Surprisingly the rain effects have little effect on fps.
  18. David bet the game is only using half of what it can on your pc
    alt enter to a window and check if the fps goes up