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Any news when we get multi player?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Barry Mitchell, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Hey all.. Gagging to play assetto but I really want to play multiplayer. Steam says multiplayer is available but I don't see people talking about it here so any one know when multiplayer will be available?
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  2. Soon™
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  3. could be included in the next update.

  4. Ehm????? There is no word from any Kunos dev about MP on Friday. NOTHING there on that picture points to your hope.

    Really bugs me how guys see Norschleife or Multiplayer without ANY evidences at all but rumors.

    Whatever I hope Friday as well.
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  5. Stelios


    Damn, my mom isnt here to enlighten me for multi release.
    At least i managed a 1.43.5 with that beast M3 GT2 Imola, without going wide :p
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  6. Can't wait for some MP action

    I can't get below 1:47.1 at the min, but only had my wheel back for an hour.
  7. Stelios


    I have spent at least 4 hours lapping this combo. One more lap. One more lap. One more lap. One more lap.One more lap. One more lap. One more lap. One more lap.One more lap. One more lap. One more lap. One more lap.One more lap. One more lap. One more lap. One more lap.


    p.s. You just have to trust it a bit more, this beast has tons of grip!
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  8. I was wrongly under the impression that features such as this were ready to go but apparently not. I know (from twitter) that they were playing against each other online a few months ago so with it being in testing I wouldn't think it will be much longer. In the last couple years I have really become to despise the word "soon" but seems that is what we are dealing with again.

    I probably shouldn't have used the word secretive, it really sounds more harsh than what I meant to convey.
  9. Maybe they want us to give perfect Multiplayer and think waiting a bit longer is better.

    Just look how nice the physics/car movements are. I am happy that the preview is so much polished.
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  10. getting multiplayer right is the best route
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  11. I think folks are referring to the post someone made on FB referencing a tweet Stefano made on 11th Nov where said that they wanted to MP and/or AI in to the sim as soon as they could - https://twitter.com/KunosStefano/status/399849759965339650 (tweet content below)

    the plan is to get AI and multiplayer in as soon as possible.. everything else is long way behind in priority.

    Now I know this doesn't mean 22nd Nov or 6th Dec etc. but you can see why folks keep hinting that it might be coming.

    For example, Stefano tweeted this earlier today:-

    But I woke up early enough to have my ass kicked by the AI @ Vallelunga. I am such a slow driver lately... must be the age.

    So obviously they have some AI in there already.

    Also here's a couple of tweets he posted 15th Nov:-

    Code for suspension damage is mostly done.. quite sure it won't make into next friday's build tho... we'll wait to have more mech damage

    Good feedback from Andrea Palma about the 458 GT2.. it seems that this time @Aristotelis didnt screw things up too badly :p

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  12. Si3v

    Kunos Simulazioni

    It's a conspiracy. The all seeing eye of the Illuminati is watching you.
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  13. Damn Illuminates. They are in AC too.
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  14. I guess we are lucky Alex Jones is not a simracer.
  15. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I couldn't wait for this to get released and boom it was on my ssd. I think they earned a little leeway on making sure things are ready before release. Multi-player will be so freaking sweet though. Hope Friday is the day but if not then back to the 458, x-bow and m3. My three favorite so far.
  16. i just dont want to go pull out my wheel and pedals etc and set them all up only to go play the game single player! Ive even got desperate and installed world of planes! LOL!
  17. Then you really are missing out! Its an absolute pleasure to drive even in single player.
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  18. So true. Even after 2 weeks I'm still learning about the handling of cars I'm driving most. I'm learning to set them up well, I'm making large gains in laptime every session.

    I'm having a blast just lapping.and learning.
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  19. As an early access owner, I much prefer that they take the time to get it right, rather than rush it out. For some prospective buyers it's probably best for all involved to wait for the final release.