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Any new news.

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Richard Coleman, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Just havn't heard anything new for a few weeks.

    Care to let us know the progress??


  2. it'll be done in 2014
  3. Sooner than that... I'll make you a deal.. We will release it before HRT wins it's next championship...
  4. so no hurry then bacon!!!
  5. I was hoping he meant 2014 seconds :(

  6. Well its now July 2010.... and still no release. Wheres the thunder?
  7. Guys - quit demanding - wow.

    These guys do this stuff in their spare time with NO payment required from you aside from some waiting - it is bloody difficult and time-sapping work. Jeez. It's not far off but you think comments like that will make them want to speed things up? No.

    Stop being little children and have some patience. It's going to rock, trust me. If you can't be bothered waiting buy 3dsMax/ZModeller/3DSimEd/Photoshop etc, learn them and the GMT engine and rF configurations and do it yourself.

    I'm not talking about the thread starter who simply asked politely about any news but some of you guys (in other threads too), ugh.
  8. Like Ryan said:rolleyes:.

    Rome wasn't built in a day and this will be one of the best mods for rFactor:cool:.

    It will be worth the wait:good:.

  9. Can't you hear that rumble in the distance?
  10. I've heard rumble since January 1st... ive read forecasts since 2008... im praying for a tornado right about now
  11. better batten down the hatches then...........soon?
  12. Small update on our progress

    Ok Guy's here is where we are at with this mod:

    A small but annoying glitch was detected in the tempate on the RHS side of the VE. This has required every VE in each season containing them to be updated on our new VE template. Given that you guys will be getting season's 2007 - 2010 that is quite a large undertaking given that the VE constitutes more than half of the feild in some seasons.

    Kevo and Mo have modelled new drivers, helmets and Hans devices all of which need to be researched and then skinned. Any assistance from you guys re pics of helmets from 2007-2010 would be greatly appreciated. The FG and BF interiors are looking great, the new control rims have come out a treat.

    I'm picking up the new menu music from our band this weekend and we're brainstorming the best way to obtain real V8Supercar sounds for the new mod.

    To sum it up, work on the mod is still progressing, we havent stopped and we don't plan too untill we have a mod we are happy with. None of us knows the exact release date but 2010 is still our goal.

  13. Ach - that post is really quite depressing for me (you guys know why).

    Really looking forward to it's release but I'm getting nervous now :D