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Any league on xbox

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Robert McCoy, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Was wondering if anybody out there has a league going on the 360...
  2. It seems right now the only Xbox league is my Championship, which is running once a week on a Saturday, 100% race distance, tire wear, fuel load sim etc.

    Check the racing club for details, currently there is a position for a full time driver available.
  3. Could not find where to sign up.
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

  5. Hey James you didn't want to join that championship ? It's good fun, pretty fast and clean racing...
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    I am rarely available at evenings or weekends, so I can't take part.
  7. well i would love to join. just let me know what to do. ill sign up at the link i guess. thank you for you help guys
  8. ok i signed up for licence..
  9. Eliteracer, you can look up the F1 Reality website if you like, its got all the details about it on there, and you can make an application if you wish, this will ensure i got all the details for you in the Championship.

    Next race is 8pm GMT time this coming Saturday, the Chinese Shanghai Grand Prix.

  10. Ok thanks alot.. i went and signed up on that website, or created an account.
  11. Oups too late for my friend then I guess...

    @ James: ok then !
  12. So whats next..
  13. @ Robert: what is your time zone ? I'm asking because if in EST, watch out for the advanced summer time that we already did, and which they didn't do yet in UK (they'll advance their time this week end I think).
  14. i am in mountain time.. i hope this all goes well cause if it does ill be putting f1 into my nascar racing club.. My gamertag is XzN7RzcerXz if anyone wants to race..
  15. Robert you can drive for Mercedes this season, ill add you as a friend on my gamertag neild1963 soon.

    I got your real name, gamertag, and nationality, so i dont need to know any other details, the original start time for EST was 3PM (I believe) as its 5 hours behind GMT time, but if they put clocks forward, that would make it 4PM EST time, so you may need to work out what time it is in comparison, im guessing it will be 2 or 3PM in your time, i hope thats ok for you.

    By the way the UK puts clocks forward in the early hours of Sunday morning, so times should be back to normal.
  16. Yeah mountain time is GMT minus 6 hours normally, so depends if your area has already change to the daylight saving time...In which case you will be GMT minus 5 because UK will not have change to the daylight for the race, but right after. So for that race it should be at 3PM and after at 2PM for you... Jeezz this can get confusing ! Just get online at noon and you should be fine :ups:
  17. Sweet i cant wait.. we are 2 hours behind est time.. as we have already had to set our clocks last weeek.. i hate the time changeo so pointless... I mlook forward to tghe racing I will look for new gamertags... again mine is XzN7RacerXz... thanks for all the help guys..