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Any intrest in a few Radical SR8 cup races

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Robert Hoggins, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I have been waiting to see if any radical SR8 cup races pop up but there has not been any I have seen yet and its a shame becasuse those Radicals are sweet cars.

    So I was wondering if there was any one else who felt the same maybe we could get a regular Radical cup race going.

    Any one intertested in this idea I dont know much about organising/hosting a cup race so maybe some one could fill me in??
    Are there any rules and guidlines I have to follow when hosting a cup event ??

    Regards robert
  2. Hi Robert - yes theres definitely interest in Radical Racing amongst the club members - usually a good take up when the Racing club hosts Radical Events - its been a while since I saw one - perhaps were due one admin? They would be fun around Rattlesnake Point...
  3. Hi dave.
    Great I am happy now I know they get hosted but it would be good if we could have one sometime soon :wink:
    I have not had the chance to drive rattle snake yet I am quite new to sim bin games I have only played a hanfull of tracks up to now so I will give that one a go tonight.

    I am suprised there is not a radical league going on has there been any in the past ?
  4. I see thats a shame I would have thought the radicals would have been a big hit with there formula/car style handling or maybe or maybe its because its one of my faverate cars lol.

    Every time I race those things I have a smile on my face I know there not fast at top speed but there a load of fun on the tights and twistys.

    Owell I will look forward to some cup races in the future if there any I also love the touring cars a lot too so the touring cup races should keep me entertained wish I could say the same for the GT cars I hate those things I just cant use them lol
  5. We used to race Radicals at Lienz (DL'able from Weissbierbude) and Sachsenring. Probably would be good at Spa 67, too (and Rouen, Le Mans . . . .).
  6. Now there would be a good race a radical le mans now that would be a sweet race even more so if we had team mates too, Spa 67 would be mega sweet too. a nurburgring GP race would be good too.
  7. would like to see some SR races too.... Plz EU club have a few Sunday Morning races!

  8. Me too there fantastic cars I love them I hope in the next 5 years I have a place to keep one and I am buying one dont car what I have to do to get it I will have one I will sell my kids if I had too lol.

    Any of you guys tried the RMI radicals mod its fantastic way better that the other radicals.