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Any interest in Indy/CART?!!

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Juen-Jen Wang, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. I've noticed that there's a lack of oval events in RD. I understand that stock cars and oval racing is an acquired taste. But would there be any interest in Indy that runs 45%/55% ovals to road courses? So would it be possible to get an Indy RD league running?

    Is the RD community interested in participating in Indy?
  2. I use to organize a CartFactor series that race ovals and road courses at Simjunkies. There is no demand there for it but if there is one here count me and my brother in as long as the time is right. may i suggest one track, Rattlesnake point, it's awesome in cart factor.
  3. I would prefer to use the regular IndyCar mod instead of the CART/ChampCar mods but if using the older CART cars would bring in more people then I wouldn't complain. Either way, I'd like some oval racing in RD so anything (aside from classic nascar or open wheel racing) would make me happy.

    Maybe the series can run in the winter when most of the RD leagues are dormant or awaiting for it's next season.

    Hopefully there is actually interest here as I would love to either organize or run in an IndyCar/CART league :)
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    For iRacing it would be quite easy to run an oval championship, same as for ARCA. However in rFactor there are only a handful of legal conversions or scratch build ovals that can be used :(
  5. Really? There seems to be a lot of oval tracks on rFactor Central. Also some of the rFactor defaults would suffice as oval rounds
  6. That is what Bram is saying. Most of the oval tracks on RFC our not legal ie they have been ported over from other sims or some one has made it and then some one ports it over with out asking first.

    RD would love to run many tracks out there but just cant if they get taken to court it will be the end of RD

    The only thing I can think to do is ask about it in BTB and see if you can set up a gang to make some of the ones you cant get. I know it takes a long time to make tracks but the more of you that do the faster it can be done.

    It would be worth the pay of in the end because you could then port all the tracks you and your team make to rF2 if it ever comes :)
  7. That's **. No offence.
    Who would sue them? Some group of modders? On what grounds? So long as no one is making money off of it or damaging someone else's revenue stream, there is no legal case. Anyway, I bet you guys can use VHR's oval tracks.
    Worst case scenario, you get some poorly written "cease and desist" letter from some butthurt 15-year-old.
  8. Maybe a very short season 1 for RD IndyCar Series. Like 10-11 races

    4-5 Ovals:
    Orchard Lake

    6 Road Courses:
    Long Beach
    Surfer's Paradise
    Road America
    Watkins Glen

    There's only 4 or so ovals so it wouldn't deter the Europeans too much? I think this schedule looks pretty good. It isn't too long but still greatly represents american open wheel racing. Also, if most of the ovals are illegal then just use the default rFactor oval. I dont mind racing them
  9. Hey Juen,

    I don't want to impose or anything but...

    to me a short season is 4 races. i normally maxed it at six. that way the championship was only over 3 months or so. I also tended to do a drop one series because sometime real live would intervene and i didn't want that to ruin someones chances.

    as for the ovals i mainly used the TPSCC ovals along with Orchard and Indy. I would say stay away for gateway, Joeville, that have major problems, especially gateway (both versions). as for the road courses i like them but trois is too small for fast cars, i remember at Simjunkies we did and formula Atlantic race and it was insane. I have been working on a version of phoenix international raceway which has the old roadcourse, the new roadcourse, and the oval. it's far from done but i'm sorta working on it and it's usable. it is my home track after all.

    I would also look as the 1998 cart tracks too like homestead, rio, among others and the fantasy oval in Akron that was planned but never built. One BIG warning, if you use the Glen i have a fix that makes the concrete not as grippy and makes the track much better.

    as for surfers i would use the Australian V8 version, i can link you if you want, it's much better than the others from TRD3.

    if you have any questions on track let me know, i organized 7 seasons with various champcar mods and have tried all sorts of tracks.
  10. Ahhhhh thanks so much for the feedback. See I actually don't know much about rFactor league organization and i'd much rather participate than run the league. I heard Rio is actually pretty good and that oval is pretty unique so I wouldn't object to it.

    It seems like you have plenty of experience running an Indy/CART league Nissan man. Would you mind heading this effort then? Also I love fictional tracks. If the community doesn't mind then I would put Grand Valley there as well. But I'd be happy just to see a successful RD Indy league :)
  11. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium


    Although what Wayne says is true from a developer stand point, and we know it is unlikely that some lone modder out there is going to take legal action against us, it does not make it morally right though. RaceDepartment has always, and will always, fully respect the rights of content creators and publishers whether or not they are development house and publishers, or modders, skinners, modellers from within the community. It all amounts to the same and we simply won't allow it.

    And slightly off what I was posting, copyright is a legal right. Whether money is involved or revenue streams damaged makes absolutely no difference to peoples rights, and we respect them fully.
  12. Hi there... well my first post here obviously, but anyways. I 'm going to help to run this league. I'm deeply interested in this, CART Factor is a great mod, and oval racing not as simple as it looks :rolleyes: So it also is a nice opportunity to do somethin in rFactor.
  13. Just a quick update. I've PMed Bram and Adam and hopefully with their help/advice, I can see if this idea can get off the ground and become a reality within RD. I've tested the 1995 CART mod, CARTFactor (1998), 2009 IndyCar Series, and iDT's 2007 ChampCar mod. Currently I have to say I'm more impressed with the ChampCar mod. (and the 09 Indy one being the most horrid) It's a blast to drive on the road courses and I've found that I actually need to brake/lift more on the ovals because the cars reach such massively high speeds on the straights.

    Based on my private tests, the ChampCar mod would be more fun. Would you guys agree?

    So far I've just about finished with the schedule (provided that everything is legal but it all seems to be good)

    Long Beach (07 iDT version)
    Cleveland Airport (07 iDT version)
    Houston Reliant Park (iDT version)
    Road America (the 1998 scratch version)

    Groningen Stadpark
    New Hampshire (if the TPSCC version is legal)
    Orchard Lake

    I know there's a lot of ovals that are just illegally converted. However, looking at rF there are a lot of obscure/fictional scratch built ovals. While most of them wont fit in Indy, I'm glad I found Groningen which is perfect imho. Also, I think most TPSCC ovals are legal? I hope Phoenix and Indianapolis versions are legal.
  14. IDT's ChampCar mod is better than the 2 CART mods ?

    Wow, I'll have to try it someday !

    And I'm interested to run these, but I don't know if I'll have time... Since I'll have to finish a couple of things from school, working and planning my Karting career... I also want to give iRacing a go if I can... And of course the V8 Supercars League and a Forza 3 League which will migrate to Forza 4 (FLMS)...

    But if we can sign up for a couple of events only I would race :)

    A bit like Carlos BOSS Series... There's a championship standing but newcomers can do only a couple of races if they want to... A bit like Amateur Championships in real-life :)
  15. Understandable William, it'll be a while until the league is actually organized (if adam and lee accepts the idea) so I expect this to run around very late fall or winter. Hopefully by then you'll obligations would have freed up? :)

    But I wouldn't mind if you just showed up for a few events. I'd gladly take as much interest as I can get. Especially for the oval events as I know RD doesn't have a successful history with ovals
  16. Hopefully yes, but then I guess we'll have rFactor 2 ? :p
  17. Im liking it, but it would be better if we could get some more legal ovals made, indy is a requirment imo.
  18. There must be a legal indy about because it has been run here on RD with the atcc league on race 07 and that came from rFactor so you need to look about more. If you cant find one I can ask the owner of the race 07 track if I can convert it for you
  19. Thilo and I have looked everywhere... IDK maybe we suck at looking. But if you can get permission from race 07 to convert their Indy and do it, that would be fantastic Wayne :)
  20. That really would be awsome. Most Indianapolis tracks i've found were conversions from other games or, when scratch it was WIP.