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any good Web Filter software?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jose Navarro, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Guys wonder if you know a good freeware web filter program. I used K9 web filter but everytime that open explorer or mozilla I have to enter my password to surf the internet and after some minutes it request again for the password.

    The K9 was in the allow list in my antivirus

  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    What are you using the web filter software for?
  3. If you need to filter only certain sites, Mozilla Firefox addon called Block Site is great, it operates with blacklist or whitelist, so you can either block certain sites or only allow certain sites, good thing with it is that it completely blocks any download from sites you don't want to visit, so it can make surfing lot faster too, by blocking all those tens of tracking sites and social site scripts on every page. However it may not be quite what you are after if you are looking something like net Nanny but free as those work bit differently.

    AdBlock can be of course used too for some extent to block some content from net, also Firefox Addon, that + element hiding helper is almost essential these days for me.

    Also I have Greasemonkey addon for Firefox and there I have scripts that change / hide certain words that I don't like to see at all.

    Then I use Script block and Flash Block addons too, those stop quite many of unneeded scripts that run on websites, I have had my share of web page ads that contain malicious scripts, luckily antivirus did work, but I thought I never take my chances with those anymore, so I restrict with these tools loading to site I visit only, any off site needs case by case permission to be loaded.

    Most web pages would be more than twice of size if I would let all to be loaded, with my slow connection that is lot more time, so there is one advantage too, still not missing functionality of web pages so it is only win for me at least.

    Sadly I can't tell much about stand alone filter software as I have not had need for those, these addons have been enough for my use.
  4. To block some malicious sites, porn etc...
  5. Thanks! im going to download it right now
  6. jtbo I just installed it but works only for ff, I disable explorer and now when I wank to check my email via messenger no windows wont open even if I put ff in default browser
  7. That is messenger, I believe it can use only IE. You might be able to put IE to high security mode and add only your email/msn site to allowed list, disabling IE completely is causing lot of issues as there are programs that rely to IE, it is really sad state of things, but I doubt one can get fully free of IE at all.

    There is IE tab addon for firefox, several actually, but some of those were able to utilize at least adblock. I use IE tab for some sites that are coded by someone that should not make web pages, so they work only with IE.

    I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client, or then just go directly address of webmail, so don't personally get such problems, oh and I don't use messenger, skype, or anything like that either, don't even know where is my phones charger so havent used phone for few months, I prefer email and boards for my communications :rolleyes:
  8. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Since IE is an integral part of any Microsoft OS since XP, disabling it would result in disabling your OS. As for Firefox, it already has the ability to block sites based on a webrep and there are site blocking abilities for malicious sites in a lot of different anti-virus software.
  9. I put back IE as my default but still had the messenger problem, so I finished reinstalling messenger now works ok. btw, eyghon relly good filter

    Grazie tutti! ;)