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Any good online leagues/series for a rookie to start in?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Scott Woodwiss, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Been a while since I've been here as a logged-on user. I've been starting on rFactor in the past couple of months and I was wondering if there you guys know any decent leagues or series online that are good for a rookie such as myself to start in and gain experience?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated :)
  2. The Clio Cup Series hosted by Touring Pro Series.
    The reserv list is big but this is the only league good for "rookies".

    Btw don't forget to apply to become a licensed member.
  3. I am not a rookie technically, but I am slooooow compared to the alien speed found in these clubs an leagues!

    Despite being slow, I race in one of the most prestigious touring car sim racing leagues, and let me tell you we have great, close racing at the back of the pack in Server 2!

    All of the guys are great, the fast guys don't look down on the slow guys. In fact they are very helpful with sharing of setups, giving tips for improving, loading time attacks, and many other ways of helping out!

    What I would say is be prepared and follow the rules, especially the golden rule! If you can get around the track cleanly without running into the back of people, in T1 for example or being reckless, you'll be fine and welcomed by all.

    Make sure you can get around the track consistently, without going off for a full race worth of laps. I look at my times with the F1 7% rule. If I am within a few seconds/lap of the fast guys, I know I'll be OK. :)

    Even the pro real life races have rich guys racing who buy their way in, even though they are much slower than the leaders. Even pros get lapped! ;)

    Once you can completely control the car you like, go out there and race it, regardless of the league!

    Check this out -
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  4. Thanks for that, Ivan :) I don't currently have Race 07, but I will look to buy it this week. That Setup Academy looks great! Definitely looks like something I could "graduate" from. ;) I have a basic knowledge of car setup, but there are one or two areas which I struggle on, especially dampers!