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Any decent Formula 2 setups?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Setups' started by tpw, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. tpw


    I've recently jumped on the rF2 bandwagon and have been having a great time coming to grips with the incredible physics and FFB. There's nothing quite like getting round a track with a twitchy formula open wheeler squirming under you ready to throw you at any nanosecond.

    One thing I have noticed is that the Formula Renault 3.5 and Formula 2 default setups are just about undriveable for me - they both feel incredibly prone to understeer in low speed turns, losing all feel of wheel weight and feeling like the front is just bouncing wide. By contrast the F ISI and Marussia defaults give a lovely feeling of weight and grip into turns.

    I found a pretty good FR3.5 setup which restored some sanity, but have yet to find an equivalent for the F2 that makes the car feel like it weighs more than 50kg!

    I'm pretty new to setups, I've read the guide, but just can't arrive at the settings that make driving the F2 the least bit enjoyable. Any pointers (or even better, setups) that might help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. I've read about this issue with Thrustmaster products.
    You can try to adjust the minimum torque setting in the controllers screen, however others have reported losing some fidelity by doing this.

    In any other car, you might adjust the caster to compensate but that's not an option in this car.

    It really is such a shame with this car, as it is one of my all time favourites and with my Fanatec on default settings, it feels sublime.
  3. tpw


    Thanks Mat.

    I'm using a G27 and most cars in rF2 feel really good apart from the irritating rattle when kerbing (but that's Logitech's problem, not ISI's!). I've got 8% minimum torque dialled in which alleviates the worst of the FFB deadzone but retains fidelity. All except for the F2...

    Yeah you hit the nail on the head with the lack of caster adjustment. Is this something that it is possible to edit in the car's files somewhere? Or does that tread on ISI's toes?
  4. You could do that yourself and 'repack' it. You won't be able to use it online but apart from that, no issue unless the files are encrypted and I suspect they are for this car. If they are then you won't be able to get to the files with that information.

    I raced them last night with a guy I know who is quite adept at understanding FFB and he suggests there is a fundamental problem. I don't feel what he does and everything he felt and described to me, I had an answer for. Whether those answers are correct or not is the source of contention.

    The car is quite old now and after the series was abandoned, it seems so was this car in ISI's eyes.
  5. tpw


    Yep it's encrypted. I think I might just stop trying to persevere with it. The FR3.5 can be tweaked into an outstandingly enjoyable drive, so I just tend to use that for my "not quite F1" fix!