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Any Aus/NZ online racers out there?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by savman, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I got Race a couple of weeks ago, but all the server's have huge pings from Aus (min 350 :( ). I read on anther forum that there are Aus/NZ people from here that play online.

    Not much fun when all the other cars are having an eppelectic fit.
  2. yes there are. In fact, Warren is a full team member who also lives in Aussie :)
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hey Savman,

    I think it will bring Warren[RPM] much joy to see a countryman of him here! Maybe you should get in contact with eachother to do some online racing!~

    have fun m8
  4. G'Day Savman, I would indeed love to find some more Aussie support here. I have just returned home from a few days away and found this post. Send me a PM and we can set up a time to do some testing on-line.
    Re the ping stuff, I'm not sure that it would be an issue. I don't have any problems with other cars bouncing around, and even though others have reported my ping's at about 300 or so, they tell me that my car is stable.
    My ISP rate is 1500kb per sec.
    Best way to find out is to hop into one of the RPM servers and see how it goes, or better still, ask someone to check your ping on-line.
    Also regarding on-line lag, have a look at this section of the forum,
  5. cool i'll try that lan setting, i havn't had much of a chance to go online racing this week :( . Good to see Aus is well represented :p , i'll pm you next week to have a crack.
  6. I'm an aussie! I just got the game yesterday but I'm getting the hang of Monza, i race with the keyboard though so controlling my acceleration is a bit hard when standing still to taking off.

    Any aussies here have Xfire? It'll make organising an online race easier ;)
  7. I don't have Xfire, but if you want to PM me maybe we can arrange a mutual time on one of the RPM public servers for some practice. The're usually fairly quiet during Aussie hours.
  8. Okay will do, are the RPM servers Australian? I'm on 256/64 so i might lag if they arent :S
  9. No the're Dutch (I think), but they are very good. I was originally on 512/256 and it was fine. I'm now on 1500 and others report no lagging from me.
    Just select the LAN setting (refer to the earlier post).
    I guess you'll just have to try it and see.
  10. Yeah, I'll be switching to SDSL (512/512) so next month i will be able to host a small server when i decide to play ;)
  11. i'm still interested, just been busy :(
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    All our servers are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. But even australians still have a good ping on it, so i shouldnt worry too much if i were you. Search-Connect-Race :)