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Any addon tracks in the makings?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bram, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Just curious if the community is working on something? If not, could we form our own little group of modders to try and create some scratchbuild super tracks for NKP?
  2. Yeah there are the guys from Radiator Springs who are doing a scratch built track Mugello (Italy) especially for netKar Pro :)
    Then there are the people at MaiDireCamber Racing who are said to be working on a version of Brno (but I don't now for sure though).

    I'm also in contact with a guy who's trying to develop a technique to convert tracks form other sims to nKP. He's also waiting for the supposed "Track builder" for netKar PRO to come out. It's said to be released with the next big version (I think final 1.1).

    Then there been sightings of other tracks in the multi player lobby, but those are probably just for the BRD sims as those are built on netKar Pro.

    If you're serious about making a track, I'm willing to pitch in. I'm a graphic designer myself so that would come in handy for some things.

  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Oooh Mugello :makesabiglovesign: !!

    Thanks Katsu!

    About the trackmaking, i am an a-technical n00b, but i reckon as we have so many BTB guys on board that there should be enough track building talent. Just a matter of putting the right guys in contact with eachother.

    The sim really deserves more content build (not converted) by the community imo.
  4. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Yes, I agree, but also some improved conversion would be good to see, is not necesary to just make a clon, you can actually improve a lot of aspects while you convert from a sim to another, and maybe is easier than start from scratch.

    I'm talking about legal conversions, obviously :)

  5. Scratch built tracks are the way to move the genre forward. This constant grave robbing from older sims leading to a zombie infestation of poorly converted tracks complete with poor detail on track surface, cardboard cut-out scenery and low res textures has been a big turn off for me in rFactor. Its not all about graphics but a good visual representation of a track and car go a long way to enhancing the racers immersion in the sim. netKar Pro is one of the few good looking PC sims that also has great physics and its a damn shame to see it being held back with poor conversions.
  6. good proposal Bram,
    tracks from scratch are very complicated and I don't have so much time
    about conversion: if a good mate will prepare a manual I should give an help, from asking the track owner its approval to convert it

    anyway I have asked to a friend of mine, able to mod original mod :smile:, to join us, I hope to see him with us :cool:

  7. CAR


    They’re creating Autodromo dell'Umbria and have posted a very early screenshot.
    Brno was seen running on the Radiator Springs server, and it was said to be an experiment so who knows what will emerge.
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    How cool does that track surface looks :thumbup:
  9. Certainly has potential but track surface is more than just a pretty texture, what I was getting at was the actual surface data being used in some of these track conversions you see in rFactor and netKar Pro is from very old games with poor low quality data (compared to todays standards) and where information is needed its the author's best guess. From looking at the website linked above they seem to be on the right track - if you'll pardon the pun to collect the data needed to make a scratch built track. NetKar Pro has great visuals and physics so its a crying shame to see poor conversions from the likes of GPL and GP4 which is why I'd rather have just the standard tracks and wait for scratch built tracks rather than play the zombified remains of a track robbed from the grave of a sim that should have been left to rest in peace years ago. I hope we see more examples like the one's shown above, yes I don't have to play the poor quality conversions but while people show support for them what incentive is there for the talented guys like the ones in the links above to make a track from scratch?
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am already waiting two months on a simple facebook private message from Kunos, so i don't even want to know how long it takes before more default content is coming :)

    It would be great if the really talented boys from the rFactor community (Virtua_LM, Madcowie, etc) would try to get something of the ground for games like NetKar Pro.

    I fully agree with you Kevin that we need quality instead of quantity for sure
  11. Yes the development of NetKar Pro is glacial at best which is a shame. Huge potential not yet realized. I think it will be difficult to draw away rFactor mod teams with rFactor 2 on the horizon.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Yes, they all prefer to build the same track and mods. How many rfactor mod teams are working on the same year of Formula 1 :) ? Would be nice if a few of them took a different path and tried to release some high quality stuff for other games as well.
  13. Its human nature to take the path of least resistance. rFactor has a plethora of tools available and a strong community to share information. NetKar Pro has nothing in the way of tools to help modders and the community is not there partly because of the way Kunos all but ditched support when chasing the money with BRD and partly because of the extremely slow development. If you put your heart and soul into a mod and then came across an issue with the game engine, who are you more likely to get a response and a fix from - ISI or Kunos? As a gamer I'd take NetKar Pro over rFactor for its physics and graphics, rFactor feels a bit too mainstream for me, it wants to be everything but as the old saying goes 'jack of all trades, master of none' Netkar Pro has a more focused goal IMHO but it has little support. Its so frustrating to see a product with so much potential fail to grasp its target audience but Kunos only has himself to blame. Perhaps one day when I've won the lottery I'll pay for a 'British Heritage' mod and get every club and international level track in the UK laser scanned into NetKar Pro :)
  14. CAR


    Once the track editor’s released we should see the guide created a few years ago made public as well, providing it’s still applicable as it refers to the beta version. Whilst a lot of people became disillusioned with nKPro in the early days, some seem to be returning, and slow development afflicts other small sims as well whilst posts by Kunos on the old RSC forum seemed to suggest the future was uncertain (before the partnership with BRD (so it may have been necessary for its survival)).