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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ondrej Kapal, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I have in config for AA level 3 (which should means 8x AA and 16x AF) but take a look how it looks like... and imagine how it can looks when it is moving :(

    Is there some way to improve it? Or you have the same toothed game?
    Thanks for any response

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  2. Before the latest GPU update i use nvidia control panel for AA and AF but when new driver arrived, control panel become useless on gmotor titles. So level 4 works for me, not the best but better than nothing :)
  3. I fix this by using nHancer and forcing it through the drivers that way :)
  4. is it work on 258.96 driver ?
  5. No idea :)
  6. Yes nHancer was great tool, but I have moved to ATi graphic cards and I see I cant get results with my new 5770 (SOC from Gigabyte) as I did with my old 8800GTX nvidia, that Control center cant the same or better work as did nHancer.. Is there some way to improve it though?
  7. just tired and no, it isn't :(
  8. what setup are you using in your nHancer?
  9. 8xAA multisampling and 16 AF but it didn't work, we have to wait for new verison of nhancer i guess.
  10. Same issue here: Moved from a 8800GT to a GTX460 which only supports 258.96 as minimum version. Previously I was using an older set of drivers (19x.x series) and NHancer to sort out AA/AF within GMotor2 titles. That is no longer possible since NHancer hasn't been updated for the 25x.x drivers yet (and signs are that it could take a long time to do so as well).

    Still, hopefully in a few months rFactor 2 will turn up, then it won't matter anymore.