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Antialiasing woes

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Wally Masterson, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. How do Nvidia owners out there enable antialiasing? If I set it in the game display options, it doesn't work. It only works if I go to the Nvidia control panel and set it as a global 3D setting. If I set it in the control panel for the Race program (race_steam.exe) specifically (for the online game), it also does nothing. Ideally, I'd like to be able to set it via the Nvidia control panel for Race07 alone, so it doesn't interfere with other games' settings.

    This is on a clean XP install, latest Nvidia drivers and a 7600GT card. The AA definitely works via the global settings - the difference is clear to see.

    Maybe something broke in the latest patch...
  2. Open steam... Right click on Race 07... Video Options... Enable level 4 AA?
  3. None of those options seem to work at all for me. The image is always noticeably jaggy. It looks beautifully smooth when I set the antialiasing globally in the Nvidia control panel. I'm sure it used to work in the past... but not any more.
  4. i prefer the drivers doing it rather then the game, definately faster for me!

    Ati card using ati traytools
  5. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    First of all disable AA in Race.

    In the control panel (Nvidia driver):
    Set AF to 8, or less if it costs you too much fps
    AA gamma corr set on
    AA mode overide any setting (very important)
    Set AA to 4, this is far enough
    AA transparancy to Multisampling
    Force mipmaps none
    Max pre rendered frames, 0 or 1
    Tex filter negative lod Clamp ( very important!)
    Texture filtering to high qual or qual

    Now you really need to see differences.

    I hope you use the new 17x drivers.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. I am using 169.something. I will try the newer drivers. I know all this stuff works as global 3D settings, but I don't want to set aggressive global settings as my son also plays Crysis on this PC and it struggles with high settings. Ideally, I want to make program specific settings in the control panel. But whether I use the existing "Race" (race_steam.exe), or manually add the Race07 race_steam.exe to the program list, it doesn't seem to pick up the visual settings in the game.
  7. Just a thought Wally. The normal Race07 exe doesn't work in the Logitech profile to start the game, I have to copy the shortcut from my desktop link.
    It is C:\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 8600 for me. Maybe worth a try.

    Interesting though, this has always worked for Race 07 on my Windows XP setup, but I cannot get it to work with my Windows Vista setup.
    With XP I can use specific game settings but with Vista I have to use global settings.
    Maybe a red herring, or may be related, who knows.
  8. I wonder if you're on a different (newer) version of the Nvidia drivers now that you're on Vista compared to when you were on XP? Maybe Nvidia broke something in the newer drivers. I'm sure program specific settings used to work for me too, and since I reinstalled XP I went and got the latest Nvidia drivers. I might roll back a version or two (or try the beta drivers).
  9. Sorry to mislead you Wally. My issue is not video driver related (I have an ATI card on the new system) but my Logitech profiler software for my G25 won't allow me to use the game specific settings with Race 07, so I have to use global settings. It works with GTL though.
    I just posted that because it is a very similar problem to yours and only happened with Vista and Steam.
    As I said, maybe it is a red herring.
  10. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I always use global setting to be sure the settings will be set right.

    I do not trust the profiles in the Nvidia control panel, but i use my pc personally so my settings don't need to be changed.

    Maybe you can try Powerstrip, EnTech Taiwan | Utilities | PowerStrip, with this tool you can set several profiles, hard and software.
  11. I have nvidia VGA, but AA works fine...
  12. When I set my card as this I noticed a huge difference, I'm using 7600gt
    overclocked in Rivatuner.. Frame rates went from avg 35 down to unplayable 15, so had to half the settings to get it playable..
    Looks better tho :smile-big:
    Just Cant wait till I can afford a 9800gtx+ :laugh2:
    The i can run these sewttings and have hi res add ons :clap:
    (btw using FRAPS for frame rates)
  13. 9800gtx+ will rape the game :D

    On my old 8800gts (G80) I play with X16 AA depending on track :)