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AntiAlasing Graphic setting

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Spazo, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    I changed my nvida 570gtx for a amd 280x.

    Before, with my nvidia card, in nvidia inspector, I was able to force better AA with antialasing transparency supersampling for F12013.

    I know that settings is for nvidia card only but is there a way to push better AA with AMD card ? I use max settings the the game option but I still see jaggys.

    Can you guys help me please ?
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    You might want to read this article about AMD and NVidia AA modes

    AA @ Toms Hardware

    Bear in mind that the drivers for these new R9 cards are still beta drivers. Though they use the same graphic chip as some of the HD series (Tahiti)


    I don't know what resolution you use, but at 1920x1080 I see no jaggies at MSAA x4 on AMD HD7970 cards.

    Maybe your Catalyst Control Centre is not set up correctly. You can force via the Catalyst driver, or set it to use 'Application Settings', where the game controls the graphics settings. The same applies to Anisotropic Filtering.

    AA controlled by the game ....


    AA forced by CCC

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  3. ok thanks, will verify that