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Anti-Vibration Mats

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Majnu, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. I didn't know where this should belong so this area seemed most appropriate.

    I installed a couple of Sine Live Bas Shakers to my desk chair. But these things vibrate so much that everyone downstairs complain. Are there any anti-vibration mats or solutions which will minimize the effects?

    I know by nature you cannot eliminate the vibration but if there is an affordable solution then I am open to suggestions.

    Here is a pic of what I installed.



  2. It might help slightly but base travels through most things quite easily.
  3. Probably the best thing to do first, if you can move your setup at all, is to make sure it is being supported directly on top of floor joists rather than standing on floorboard between the joists. This will help to start with. (I had a running machine upstairs for a while, but moved it downstairs due to vibration. But placing it across the joists was much less shakey than parallel with them).
    Then also try a couple of layers of carpet underlay. If it helps, it might even be worth buying something thicker like a gymnasium mat.
  4. You need to de-couple the shaker from the floor as much as possible.

    It can be tricky with your current setup, your ass is cushioned from the shaker, but the floor is not (right now it is all a single rigid body stuck by your weight to the floor, your neighbors might be feeling it more than you!). Without changing the chair, there is not much to do, but of course any extra padding under the chair can only help.

    - Try to put something (such a a washing machine mat) under the chair.
    - Replace the wheels for rubber stubs (actually much better for racing to not have wheels).
    - Try (may not be possible) to have less padding between you and the shaker, so you don't need to give it so much power to feel it.
  5. Cheers i'll give those suggestions a go. I'll buy:

    1. Rubber Castors for the chair
    2. Thick Rubber Gymnasium/Yogo/Exercise mat
    3. Rubber washers to place inbetween the shakers and the chair so that it's not touching the chair directly.
  6. Just to update I sent the company some stems today which they will mould some mounts to. If anyone is interested I will take some pics and give feedback when they arrive.
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  7. This is a pic of what the company will be making, it should be here next week as they needed to send the stems of to be machined and mounted to a plate so that the bobbin can mould to.

  8. received these today and they have dramatically stopped any vibration getting downstairs; I can still hear sound but then that's as expected as I don't have a LPF running through the bass shhaker.
  9. williamjone

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Anti-vibration mount are designed to reduce the noise level from the vibration of machinery and equipment. They are attached with the help of using big bolts and they are usually fixed under the machine. They absorb the vibration produced in equipment, thereby minimizing the effect of the running engine and friction and reduce to smooth humming.