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Annoying pit crew

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Blake-Lee Danher, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. okay so tonight i had nothing planned and i thought to my self i wonder how hard it would be to do a 100% race with out flash backs and on ledgendary so i did, i was racing on montreal and it started out pouring with rain so i had wets on, around about lat 20 the track had dried a bit so i went in to the pits and put intermediates on i was in 1st place and had a 20 second gap between me aand 2nd then by lap 30 the track was completely dry so in the 1st sector i told the crew i was pitting in this lap, then by using the little arrows i selected the prime tyre, then when i went in to the pits the crew put intermediates back on, and only had a small lead now but the car was sliding all over the place so i had to pit in again but this time i selected primes, but no they put intermediats on the car again and i had dropped back to 5th. and i just kept happening. has any one had any thing like this as well.??
  2. Yep, racing 2 days ago had to pit 5 times trying to get options after starting on prime... twice they put on inters... I put it down to the wally pressing the buttons... but perhaps it was something else... ;)
  3. Did you change the tyre choice while driving down the pit lane or on track? I've always changed mine as I'm going down the pit lane for my pit stop and have never had this problem. Give it a try
  4. Yea I'll try it in pit lane. Cos I did it before I requested to pit and after and just got the same result.
  5. Also make sure not to bring up that tire menu again after you have made your selection; others have reported that if you bring up that menu a second time, but don't make a selection, the pit crew will cancel your choice and revert back to the default tire selection.
  6. Yep, thats true. Best solution is (as far as i experienced):
    1. Choose tyre via Quickmenu (which isnt as quick as needed at certain tracks :D ), than
    2. Order Pitstop, than
    3. Don't even think about touching the Quickmenu till your stop is made.