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Annoying behaviour on internet games

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric Soeters, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Bought beginning this week the GTR-Evo and ofcourse started to do internet games. First of all to get more familiar to other tracks and what's more fun than driving against other persons around the world. However I got frustrated pretty soon due to various reasons:
    -During qualification they break off the session using voting, and everytime when I'm doing a quicklap (for my standards).
    -First corner is always a mayhem. First few times I did it very slowly, but there is always a person who finds it necessary to finish my race in a earlier stage.
    -To avoid above problem I try to qualify latest and take it very easy on the first corner(s). Ofcourse people are spinning of, but if you want to overtake them, they decide to trow the steering wheel to the left or right doing everything what is possible to avoid me overtaking them. One crash more or less doesn't seem to bother them.
    -Most of the time I go for a pitstop to fix the damage. I come out of the pits and you see a car standing in some blind corner. Doing everything what is possible not to hit this car, I spin off and again got some suspension problems....
    -Or even worse, they start driving the wrong way, at start put the gear in reverse and more of that kind of 'funny' stuff...
    How do others cope with this? I have no idea how to avoid these 'childeren' and just want to have some racing fun.
  2. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium Member

  3. You just discovered what is sadly becoming normal for public servers. It is pot luck whether you get a descent race, but the odds are against it.

    The only way to get clean and friendly racing is with established communities. Fortunately we have our own Racedepartment Racing Club.

    EDIT: Tim beat me to it so refer to his link.
  4. I'm working on becoming a member. But I find it a waste of money if I buy a game, I cannot play it in a normal way. I also played Grid for a while and there the designers made some adjustments that if you made a collission your own car was wrecked and the other car was still fine. It's not ideal, but it's a start :).
    But in general I really hate these kids (I always hope that they are kids, but you never know...). Cannot imagine that grown-ups are doing these kind of silly, game wrecking actions...
  5. They're not all kids, there are adults among them :)

    You can get good public server races, but they're rare. A couple weeks ago I had 2 20'ish grid races in the Minis. They're were still idiots about but they were at the back seemed to have enough fun bashing each other about. I fought my way to 7th for race 1 and won race 2. Race 1 was best nose to tail in a 5 or so long line of cars :)

    They do make you appreciate RD :)
  6. I would say this way is pretty normal. If you look at any online pc game there will always be groups playing privately. When I played UT3 I would always try to join pickups rather than public matches. Games that don't support this kind of play often have hardly anyone playing :)

    Had quite a good clean race on valencia on a public server last night. Amusingly it was on changeable whether and most people (including me) didn't realise. When I entered the grid and saw it was raning I thought I'd made a huge mistake, but within a lap the sun was shining and everyone on wets was pitting :D
  7. Well I play(ed) Cod4 on a decent level and there punkbuster can make 'sure' that annoying behaviour has been limited. Worked pretty fine to be honest. In general I'm 30, have a busy job and when I want to relax I want to play a game. But I'm serious in this, I want to do my best and want to improve myself. When a few of these 'kids' spoil the limited time I have in daily live for my hobby I get frustrated. Ofcourse the money of the game also, but that is just 'money'. Spare time is much more worth to me than 50 euro on a game...
  8. Just hang in there. I have the same problem.
    At first i really hated the bashing and stuff, but now (I still don't like it) i have the sport of evading the ***** (will not say that out loud :) ) Until i can join RD that is my goal.
    The upside off this is that i can handle the cars better in unpredictable movements than before. (But i'm still a noob :D)
  9. I find that a pretty positive way of seeing the negativity :)
  10. Best way to look at it, Public servers are for crash avoidance practice
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  12. You don't want to know how much fun i sometimes have when i see someone come in and going ballistic. Especially when they can't hit me but hit a wall or something instead.
    And yeah, I loose my patience sometimes and get annoyed, because this ain't the way it is meant to be played i guess.
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    Break at Uni :) Only slow access on my phone or at uni when I'm there.
    Home Internet within 2 weeks again :)
  14. welcome to the internet...unfortunately, some people be come hellen keller once they load up a racing game.
  15. I guess you mean Helen Keller, the fact that she was deafblind is not the problem in this comparison... The fact she is a she, and sitting behind the wheel makes it even more dramatic... :dance2:
  16. A couple of nights ago I was targeted by a crazy driver and his cronies and he had the nerve to blame it all on me...Not a nice experience.

    I just keep my mouth shut on publics now because as soon as you speak out against the kiddies you become a target.
  17. A while back I was in a public server doing GTs round Nurburgring GP. One guy kept ramming me because I was voting no to advance to the race (even though it has no effect on the outcome of the vote..)
    His reasoning was that we had had enough time to qualify (apparently after wo laps you have the best time you will ever get) and then he decided to make it his soul purpose to ram me for the next 20 minutes. Found it quite amusing really, specially as after I said good luck to him while we were lining up at the starting grid, he decided to leave. apparently people "like me" "annoy him" :good:. That whole half hour he spent in Quali voting for the next session and he didn't even race :D

    I don't know why nobody ever votes on the kick votes when it's plainly obvious who the person was only going to cause trouble... At brno I've twice seen people doing donuts on the first turn in quali and you only ever get about 3 or 4 people to vote for a kick. At the first one that resulted in a false start which wiped out about 5 people on the grid
  18. theres one guy whos been upsetting me lately. He constantly types to people and talks non stop. He talks about how good he is but when we race he is usually the one to cause the wrecks.
  19. Once i meet a guy on a race that was driving terrible. Someone was trying to kick the guy and i was voting yes ofcourse. I also told the other racer to do the same. This guy became so incredible angry that he jumped on me imedietly. He told us/me that we was ******* idiots and so on. He couldn´t understand how we could take this shitty game so seriously. "Its just a game"
    I take this racing verry seriously because i dont like to sit here for hours for nothing.....
    Try to know the track, setup and so on. And then some jerk will destroy the fun of it...
  20. I remember an F3000 race on Istanbul where there was me, some other guys and a person called "valentino rossi." When I went to the race monitor while in the garage, I noticed some guy pushing this "valentino rossi" at high speeds. Poor Guy, I thought. I got the surprise of my life when he proposed to kick me! He said "All vote he is a noob and he kept ramming me" or something like that. I told him that he was accusing the wrong person, and he promptly left the game. I hate it when people jump to conclusions like that.

    Also, earlier in the year, there was a timed race at Brno I was competing in. Not many people seemed to like the idea of racing to a time limit, so Myself and some guy called "Volvy" were left on the grid for race 2. I accidentally hit him and he said "don't wait me." I took that to mean "Carry on, holdenss06." Apparently he wasn't skilled in English, because he then accused me of not playing fair because I didn't wait for him. One of the only words he knew through and through was... uh... a word which I shall not say on this forum. :smirk:

    These two incidents are precisely the reason why I spend about 99% of my online racing on RD. :pissed-off: