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Announcement: Racecraft 0.2.3 update

Discussion in 'Racecraft' started by Fabio Cristi - Vae Victis, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Fabio Cristi - Vae Victis

    Fabio Cristi - Vae Victis

    yesterday (25/03/2016) we released the 0.2.3 update for Racecraft on Steam.

    It includes improved general stability, slightly shorter loading times, improved controls, improved UI navigation, improved physics, minor graphics and performances optimizations.

    This update contains:
    • Improved general stability
    • Slightly shorter loading times
    • Controls: overhaul and improvement
    • Controls: improved configuration wizards
    • Controls: improved change of control system interception
    • Controls: deathzones enabled
    • Controls: support for multiple devices (e.g..: wheel + pedals)
    • Controls: support for axes as buttons (for gamepads)
    • Traction control rebalanced
    • Improved UI navigation
    • Improved track variety for all tortuosity slots
    • Minor graphics and performances optimizations
    Here's a reminder of our current wheel compatibility list:
    (we recognize a set of commands and default calibration for the following models)
    • Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback
    • Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari Force Feedback
    • Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals
    • Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel
    • Thrustmaster TX Servo Base
    • Logitech G29
    • Logitech G27
    • Logitech G25
    • Logitech Driving Force GT

    Known issues:
    • During Early Access, saved tracks and all related elements (ghosts, other options) will be wiped frequently because of technical upgrades to the procedural engine and other parts of the game. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    • The game stutters during the first couple of generated tracks: this happens because it's generating and caching shaders
    • If you have more than one control device connected to your system, disconnect the one you're not using to avoid crashes or calibration issues
    If you own the game, please post your feedbacks and thoughts here. They're really welcome. :)

    Thanks for your attention!
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