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animated textures

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by blackhatracing, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with animated textures in btb evo?Ihave made three textures all diffuse and applied the first one to an object and in materials loaded them up and gave animation to the first one and told it to use the other two as a two frame animation......it wont work,I have also named the three textures the same but gave the two for animating a 00,01 after their name....any one have any ideas or know of a tutorial.....
  2. I'll upload my animated videoscreen, you can copy the nameformat from that.

    There's two identical models using two different animated materials, it should reveal the naming rule.

    Community XPacks are here: http://Cream.Galleria.fi/BTB/XPacks

    Animation needs following names

    and that's the limit AFAIK, three images where two of them cycle and the first is default image. Don't knwo what conditions there have to be to show that first image but it's visible in BTB.. It could be that using lowest graphic settings the default image is shown, haven't checked.

    The texture_video.dds is not an actual texture, it's a virtual. It tells the game what textures belong to that material. It's created when you assign material to animated, for it to work you need at least texure_video00.dds to be loaded to XPacker.
  3. thanks for that Kennett,I will let you know how I get on...
  4. I installed the videoscreen xpack Kennett but it doesent animate it only shows the colour bars...is there something I have to edit?
    Here is another link for an xpack I made,its a two lane tunnel,but as you will see it takes a bit of adjusting youre track and covering with rocks to make it look good...anyway enjoy http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?bzzg1qnmd2ftfiw
  5. I have seen a video screen showing a video of F1 racing, I believe it was in Essington. how do I get that to work ??? or does someone have the xpack for it.
  6. first get a Video, convert it with RAD Video Tools into the *bik format, then in 3d simed exchange the texture of your videoscreen with the video and set movie as animation type.
    i dont know if the movie has to have resolutions in power of 2, in Shanghai Pudong i just did it this way.
  7. BTB doesn't show animations. I have those videoscreens working ingame and i believe others have succesfully used them.
  8. Cool Ill try that Thanks
  9. @neteye
    I have not found a way to exchange the texture or how to get it into an Xpack after
    using 3dSimEd
  10. you have to exchange the texture with the video in 3d simed every time you export your track (or copy the gmt of the object). i dont think it works with btb xpacks, or at least it did not work for me.
  11. I opened the .dea in 3dSimEd but I dont see were it will let me change the texture.
    I do see I can export to a gmt.
    BTB for me does not work I am trying to learn a new way.
    The licence expired a week after I bought it, I think I am being scammed. this licence should not expire like this, it is just wrong. and his site is down.
  12. open 3dsimed, open your *.trk of your track so you can see you track, go to the videoscreen, right click on where the video should be, "material blabla", change the diffuse map to the video, animation type to movie, done. thats what i did, never heard of dea files?
    and the livense system of btb... no comment :)
  13. Ill look into that when I get home.
    the *.dae is a Collada object. you import it into the Xpack.
    Thanks, I made a short movie of the Red Bull car in Texas, thought it would look cool on the screen.
  14. It's hard to make animated flag ? I find that Xpacker support this function, but when i need to choose animation and try to save it, this error window appears.


    I check internet to find out how it works, but don't find anything.
  15. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

  16. For race07: Download the videoscreen xpack ( http://www.wuala.com/SquidCap/BTB/XPacks/VideoScreen.zip/ ) and study how the system works. You need to have all frames of the animation plus one extra (BTB uses that extra, if animations are disabled ingame, the game too uses that texture) If you get this error again, post both the error and a screencap of your textures tab in XPacker, now we can't see what's there.

    I think the animated windmills xpack is for rfactor, i haven't tested it but it's in the main BTB XPacks archive http://www.wuala.com/SquidCap/BTB/XPacks
  17. Kennett Ylitalo

    Yes, but in start i want only flag animation in tower. Something like that, shown in video. I download your links an check it. There is only pictures in this files and this picture change after some seconds. If i am not mistaken for animation i need 3DSimED latest version. Thank you for information and reply.

  18. That animation is not the texture changing, it's real 3D animation. Not possible in gMotor2 afaik.
  19. Kennett Ylitalo
    yes, but what about this video ? Flag animation in time 0:30.