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Animated Pit Crews

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by wildside, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. I have seen on some ssources that there are the possible presence of Animated Pit Crews made possible for rFactor 1. And for some mods available. If anyone knows which one (and i mean it for all mods, i am saying a generic one, not for a particular mod) please let me know
  2. there is no ANIMATED but there is 3d modelled pit crew, like in fsone2009
  3. It's possible to change the texture of tyres when you change to another tyre compound in the pits, but I have no idea how.

    There's only 1 mod I know of that gets it to work.

    If anybody has any info on that too I would be grateful!
  4. no you cant chanche tyres in every mod,
  5. Wouldn't be impossible if rFactor had the option to change then tire texture during a stop because F1C had that option.
    But I don't know for full if it can be done.
  6. rF dose allow tyre compound changes in pit stops. It allow up to 4 different tyre compounds. However it dose not allow texture changes in pit stops. Any texture change can be done but only on the spinner as a upgrade option and the mod needs to formulated to allow it. Let's hope this is made possible in rF2.
  7. I would like that the lollipop man moved the lollipop because sometimes I forget to use the gas pedal while waiting and once the pit stop is done I might wait 2 move seconds and so I lost lots of time.
  8. I'd have to agree with you there. Even if he disappeared once the stop was done would be a help.