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Angry Birds Star Wars Lotus Skin *USA GP*

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by theoriginalskunk, Dec 1, 2012.

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    • Copyright violation. Please don't use material created by others as a template.
    Here is my fist attempt at making any skin so here it is my first attempt at the end season skin used by lotus
    please comment
    and tell me if you see any faults and i will fix them thank you
    hope you like it
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  1. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    What you have actually uploaded is Warok's Dark Knight skin.

    Which I now presume you have used for your base.

    That won't go down well if you have, without gaining his okay first.

    If he has given you the okay, all is well in the world.
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  2. no dude i used the original skin as genii is still on the side [​IMG]so even if i had his dark knight skin it wouldnt work for this due to the genii sponser still being there i was palning to start from scratch but was gonna take for ever so i just used the games original file but now looking at this photo i found i see i have missed off a logo and will add that in when i get time

    ps. i would never use someone else work as i respect people to mcuh as i understand the time they put in to it :)

    i did it simple way i cut out the 3 star above lotus logo on nose added in teh angry bird logo colour it to fit and then just placed the other 2 angry bird logos on top ot the sides and coloured it to fit quick and simple anyone is welcome to take this base tho to make a better improved version of it as im a novice at editing skins
  3. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Sorry but I have Waroks Dark Knight skin, and laid it over your uploaded file and everything matched up exactly to the pixel. Only thing that was different was one of the names had been changed.

    So far from it....it's not the original from the game release at all.

    Waroks file


    Your file

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  4. o **** sorry i no what i have done i have uploaded the roung file thats the one im suing in career as im on the british race atmo ha uploading right one now my bad guys :p as if u download there is no anrgy bird logos hahaha what a major cock up thats what u get when u havnt slept :giggle: bit embarrassing might aswell add the missing logo whilst at it i apoligize again for cock up
  5. as you can see from the screen shots i have posted thats not the file i ment to upload :p my bad [​IMG]
  6. the right file is now uploaded
  7. updated and added the missing logos such as avanade
  8. - V2

    added avanade logo and updated logo with closer spacing like real car 
  9. Thank you, ML for the surveillance(supervision).

    It is always about my car, you just added angry birds. I do not have to authorize the use of my work (One of me 3 versions of lotus).



    Is kept silent delete(eliminate) your post, or I make all simply the demand(request) to a moderator.
    I do not post any more for some time, but I pass every day on the forum, to take the temperature for a possible come back.

    I have never accused without proof a person and 100 % of my complaints one was validated.
  10. Its just sad that one has to copy some other users work. :(
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  11. Besides, the clear logo has changed during the US GP.
  12. dude i used my louts file that was in game i have added in 4 logo to the original file which was the angry bird logos and the avande logo my original file didnt have thos logos and urs did correct there for its not urs is it ill even file me making it to shut u guys up christ look at the diffrence between ur logos and mine people are blind my avande logo is clearly diffrent to urs we made a skin for the same car there not gonna look much diffrent i share this game with my brother so maby he downloaded urs if u recon it is but to my knowlage this is the original file no coping was attended just settle for the fact i made the angry bird skin as no one else would and i asked like 4 times on the request so i did it myself if it bothers u that much make your own
  13. no the pic i have the clear logo is still there so i left it in but if u can find the pic of the diffence i will change that for you
  14. i have put a complaint in as im being wrongly accused of copying when i have not think about it making a skin for the same car the differences will be very minimal wont they but as u can see there is differences in the spaces of logs ect
  15. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I'll close this thread until everything has been dealt with.

    warok could you please send me the original files (yours and his) as usual? I'll sort this out. Thanks! :)

    Update: proof is sufficient, warning has been issued.
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