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Angry bir... eh, drivers

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jan Roman, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. What are you thinking about when driving real cars (on the road)? How do you drive?

    Personally, I absolutely hate when other drivers are slow. Don't get me wrong, I don't drive beyond the speed limits (well, just a bit, everyone does), but I get really angry whenever there's a driver in front of my bumper, going 30kph for no real reason. It usually happens in places where you cannot even think about overtaking, so you're going 30kph in places where you'd go 60kph otherwise.

    The second thing I hate are buses. When I'm driving in the morning, I usually get stuck behind one (behind many many cars). I live in a hilly area, so overtaking is often not really an option. (I drive 15km every day in one direction, only two or three spots to overtake without taking a risk of getting f**ked up.

    And zebras, damn you zebras! Zebra crossings every 30 meters, and we must stop when there's a person waiting to go across the street, it's forced by law (not that we do it anyway).

    How about you? :)
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I am normally pretty easy going in traffic but three weeks ago I almost snapped. Too make a long story short. I almost got rammed by an idiot who was sticking on my bumper. He then overtook me on the wrong side and tried to cut in almost causing our vehicles to crash.

    And this all for no reason, maybe because of him having a bad day at work and I drive a small car (while i am quite tall :D).

    I snapped when the guy actually pulled the middlefinger to me. I have chased him at safe distance with high speeds on the motorqway and when he took the exit of the highway and had to stop for a crossing i got out of my car and literally dragged him from behind his wheel (should have seen his face when the giant came out of that tiny car) and gave him a good smack in the face.

    A bystander actually applauded :D (most likely witnessed the maniacal moves of the guy earlier)

    I am not proud on it, but i am not longer tolerating that other people are messing with my life on the highway. Be sure this guy is cured for good now and he was totally freaked out because of the stress :D

    Will do exactly the same next time when a maniac pulls the same trick.

    Cops you dont need to call in this country as they dont do anything except setting up speedtraps to flash you on a five lane motorway where you only are allowed to drive 100 :(
  3. Offtopic:
    It's the same here in Czech Republic. Police usually (!not every time!) just makes our lives harder. Two examples from the last month tell pretty much everything. I loled for the first time when my mother was stopped by a policmen for not using a zebra crossing, which was about 50 meters away from the place she crossed the road. Nothing happened, but even then, policemen were demanding 2000CZK (approx. 110USD). She denied to pay it and she was sent to an administrative tribunal. A reasonable guy was leading it, so she gave her just 100CZK (6$) fine (the lowest possible fine), to save her from more trouble.

    About three weeks ago, I was accused of crossing a stripe of grass. I'm not kidding. Policeman demanded 1000CZK (55$) first, but since I really didn't care (I'd love to pay it and have a good feeling I was born with a brain, unlike somebody else), he decided to just write down my personal information and let me go.

    By the way, good job with the motherfu...r Bram, let's keep our road clean :D
  4. Really !? O.o

    You have such **** policemen where you live ! XD
  5. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    Omg Bram! I will stay away from you at the simracing events, or i will get a punch through the monitor :D

    Of course just joking, your action was completely deserved, i wish i could see it (Netherlands Mobese records maybe?), you should have also pulled his underwear to his head as the Mask does :)

    Now about the actual subject of the thread; You have to see Turkish traffic in Istanbul! Then you will love your local traffic-mates. Here it's so often that people change lines stupiditly and pointlessly, for example a driver goes from the most left line just before he needs to take the right side exit of the way! Also here the speed-limit has no effect. People go at 150s when the road is empty. Oh also you must see the rush hours of Istanbul, total nightmare.

    So that is to say be happy with your traffic and think about the worse places like here :D
  6. Let's see it from the other perspective:) I hate that also that I need to wait minutes until someone actually stops and lets me through. In old times one of the main roads crossed our village, it did happen to me not once that I missed my bus because everyone was coming without slowing down (80 instead of 50, or even more), and nobody wanted to let me through, even if they could clearly see that my bus is there in the bus stop... In the city it's not that crucial as a few minutes doesn't mean anything, but that should cross the mind of some drivers too. Speeders, what do they win? 1-2 minutes? No sense.
    Here btw there are some places where you could go with 50, but when I drove there I felt like that's a crazy thing to do tbh. For example in my street. Narrow, trees all around, in any moment a kid/dog/cat can jump out from behind a tree. Just until you react you do 8m-s if you go with 50. You have to be careful.
  7. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I usually drive pretty relaxed but if someone sticks to my bumper, I will slow him done at first and then smoke him (if his car is weaker than mine - if it's not, I will just stay cool :D ).
  8. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Because there so many bad drivers here in Vancouver, i have gotten used to driving without rage. There is no point being mad or you will be mad every day lol!. I just make sure i give the poor drivers their space and because i don't have to commute by car to work, i don't drive during rush hour.

    Now my gf on the other hand unfortunately is a angry driver for the most part when she drives.Somedays i wish i could disable the horn because she uses it too much. She gets very impatient in traffic when she is driving and she lets little things get to her. I'm working on getting my gf to be a bit more patient while on the road for one day she is going to make a mistake and get into a accident herself or she might confront another road rager and that could get ugly.
  9. I'm very, very clam person usually, but when sitting behind the wheel, I get like "UHAAAAAUHGUUAAA!!!". I'm not using horn and I'm not aggressive at all, I just mumble many many bad words. There are days, when there are good drivers on the road, patient, but able to react quickly, able to overtake and not slow everyone down. On the other hand, there are bad days when roads are loaded with these Friday-holiday-drivers, totally unable to control the car. These are getting me angry (75% of them are girls. It's not an accusation, it's an observation. Not all the girls drive badly however, for example, my girlfriend is an excelent driver).
  10. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I don't have my license yet (no incentive, im 20 years old so insurance is stupid money)

    I have a lesson every so often, just because I enjoy driving, and when I'm put on the roads, some of the people - they do my head in.

    For instance, on a dual carriageway in the UK, where the national speed limit applies we can do 70mph. People have an awful habit of seeing me as a learner driver (I always do 70mph btw, I'm not one of these wusses that doesn't know what to do) of breaking the speed limit to overtake me, then slowing to about 50mph. Does my head in and I have a good old rant at my instructor usually saying "how on earth do these people pass their tests" etc etc.

    Other than that, I just try to be chilled out and have a ncie time :)
  11. When I was your age (a few years ago), the cost of insurance was a reasonable price. It is bad to begin with but once you pass your test and drive sensibly on the road, it quickly drops.

    Two things that annoy me:

    1) When the exit of a roundabout i blocked, people seem to just join the end of the queue, blocking the whole roundabout up for everyone.

    2) When on a motorway/dual carriageway, you go to overtake a car that is doing 60mph and as soon as you pull out they speed up so you can't overtake. Then you drop back in behind and they slow down again. Poor driving to say the least.
  12. The only solution is to buy 600hp+ car Adam, problem solved :D

    I'm driving for three months now (I'm 18 ATM), but I'd say I'm very good considering virtually none experience (I hope I'm not overrating myself). While I was having my driving lessons, I was driving with many people trying to learn how to drive, and the differences are quite scary. There were many girls, which can't drive and it's very clear they will just cause problems on the roads. Even though, they still recieved a license back then. Their problem was usually a lack of concentration. The instructor told them to turn left and they started to concentrate on the indicator lights controls and completely lost their orientation and attention, so they didn't even turned the wheel. It was a bit scary I have to say. Here in Czech Republic almost everybody is allowed to drive and I think it's a big mistake.
  13. Ye, but I don't fancy going at stupid speeds just to overtake them, especially if they are playing stupid games. The risks are too great.
  14. Also because Aston's don't have more than 600hp ! XD

    What my father once did, and it was funny as hell, was to out-manoeuver a **** who was cutting people off all over the highway speeding and such...

    Our car was a stock Chevy Aveo (lol) and his was a modified Mazda MX-3... We got by him easily while he was flatout backfiring like a maniac at about 160kph ! XD

    The guy backed off in shame ! Hey William the Aveo comes in turbo now! hehe
  15. Well i am still underaged to drive, but here in india it is impossible for a tourist to drive without special trainings XD