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Porsche Posse (LIVE)

Skins Andretti Autosport / E.J. Viso - Tatuus Abarth 1.0

Andretti Autosport / E.J. Viso

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  1. Awesome Skin and Really Detailed work :thumbsup:
  2. That looks great mate!:thumbsup:
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  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  4. Hello, I am preparing a championship career F4 Abarth, and I would like to use your skin to be included in the pack, obviously giving your credits.
    I will modify something in the preview, and other details.
    If that is a problem just let me know!
    Thanks in advance, Regards!
  5. Hey. What details do you want to change exactly?
  6. Hi Grze, thank you for answer...:thumbsup:
    Nothing special: on the car only add event's numbertab. to uniform livery and preview with other skins of the trophy, and add helmet and accessories...
    In reality I almost finished, :redface:
    if you want I can send you a "beta" so see if it is ok for you ...;)
  7. Yes please I want to take a look at it. Go for it, you have my permission:)