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An idea to avoid collisions when going wheel to wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by F1 2011 Rocks!, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Here's an idea I posted at Codies' forum:


    Basically, it's a top/down camera that opens in a small window when you're close to another car; it represents peripheral vision and the ability to move your head as a real person. :)
  2. if the mirrors on the cars actually worked properly it would help this problem quite alot to be honest
  3. make the mirror work properly = more realistic, in real life no HUD will show up in front of you :D
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    people are moaning that the game is too arcadey already, this is something that most people will not like or want in this game. I for one do not want to see it. Half the skill of racing is judgement of distance.
  5. I have no disagreement there, but the fact is in a game, you cannot turn your head to the side to see how far from the other guy's wheel you are - unless you have a Track IR - but not everyone does. It would be designed to simulate the ability to look to the side - imagine that famous scene at Cataluyna where Mansell and Senna (I think) are going wheel to wheel - you wouldn't be able to judge that, and pressing buttons/keys to look to one side while doing 200mph usually causes me to crash.
  6. Eyefinity helps significantly in seeing those along side you, at least it does for me. I dont mind the idea, I just cant see me looking away at a small map to see how close I am to the guy next to me, especially since I can see his nose out of the corner of my eye
  7. I've now gone Track IR - mainly for flight sims, but it'll come in handy in F1 2011 - provided it works that is, because mine doesn't work with F1 2010.
  8. From everything I've read, real-life F1 mirrors are almost useless! In real life you have much more peripheral vision and can turn your head, though, which you can't do in a game (without expensive head-tracking stuff...)
  9. On Xbox you can easily use the right joystick to look left and right...
  10. Arrow give a good indication. Maybe colored arrows would be better:
    - white - close;
    - yellow - very close;
    - red - possible contact;
    or colors could change smoothly: white - yellow - orange - red.

    I don't like mini-map idea.
  11. While going at 200mph? Any time I've tried to move the view at that speed, I end up in the wall. Track IR should be better since that just involves moving your head a tiny bit.
  12. On Xbox you should be able to use Kinect, and on PS3 the PS Eye or whatever it's called. The problem is I haven't seen any news about the game being Kinect ready or the PS3 ready for that matter. What a shame. Since I don't have any of that, I do what any decent person would do, stay on your side of the driving line you are on. You don't have to look left or right, you know he's there, just stay on your side.
  13. with kinect ?? surley if u turn your head you would not see your tv screen?
  14. mrynot - Ya, its a weird concept, because you turn your head but keep your eyes on the screen. Nothing can replace 3 monitors where you actually just physically look to the side.

    With the motion trackers though, you set the sensitivity to make the movent your head has to do a lesser degree than the in-game camera will move (think 1 actual degree = 2 degress in game) so to look fully to your right, you may only have to turn to a 3/4.

    It takes getting used to since as noted above, it still isn't natural but at least the motion is smooth (better than the animated look right/look left that some games map to buttons.

    Personally I agree with the above poster and just try to keep my driving line and will eventually get 3 monitors - In those F1 cockpits, other than being able to check your mirrors a bit, you aren't seeing too much right beside you... Thats just how skilled those guys actually are - Amazing sometimes how they go through a corner and one drivers right fright is in line between the outside drivers two left tires and they both go through without contact.
  15. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    I can give nothing but positive feedback when using 3 monitors I dunno how I would drive with 1 monitor now and the wheel to wheel racing is so much better now, and a bit less risky for my end :p
  16. I can't speak for Kinect, but Track IR is a superb device for looking around in games. At first, you think that you have to move your head, and strain your eyes round to keep looking at the screen, but it isn't like that one bit. Once you have tried it, especially in flight sims, it feels so natural. In F1 2010, it's a real help when it comes to looking to apex - but it takes a while longer to get used to it than it does in flight sims. Having said all that, I definitely wouldn't have bought it just for F1 2010 or other racers, but since I play combat flight sims a lot as well, it improves them no end - I'd go so far as to say that a flight sim is unplayable for me now without Track IR. In F1 2010, it's a lot of fun being able to look round the corner and it makes looking in the mirrors a breeze as well. :D

    And it's significantly cheaper and takes up a lot less space than three monitors - which is something I find a bit overkill, or for people with slightly more money than sense, or lots of desk space, or both.

    Edit: To try and explain how natural it is, I'll use looking to apex at the tight hairpin at Monaco - Loews as an example. When going round that, you're going round a left hander, right? So you only have to actually look at the left half of the screen. :) It doesn't feel unnatural at all. I really thought it would involve getting used to turning your head while keeping your eyes perfectly still so they look at the screen, but I was wrong - it's ten times better than that. You simply turn your head a little, and the view shifts to the left and the sensitivity can be made as sensitive or otherwise as you like. :)
  17. You have 100% lost me.
  18. One thing I'd say about Track IR and F1 is disable the pitch axis. It can get really confusing if your head can move up and down, and in F1 there's no real need to look down anyway as the wheel is in your line of sight - unlike flight sims where you have to be able to look down to see your instruments (and enemies below you). :)