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an idea about the alleged PS3 frame rate issue........

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Apex1972, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. I had a 160gb PS3 when last years F1 2010 was released. I only played it for a couple of days before selling it on ebay. I have been on the PC version of 2011 and have finally gotten a decent FPS out of my rig, thats beside the point though. Does anyone know if the replay system is implemented in the same way as the PC version? If so, is it possible that since there seems to be a split in the people saying " I have no issues " and the " I have no issues" camp. Guys that have the issue, is their harddrive almost full with other games save data? I am definately no expert in this but I just had this thought and I figured I would share it. I have been banned from the Codemasters forum twice already for voicing my opinion of last years disaster. All they can seem to say to anyone who has a problem is"TROLL" and " GO PLAY RFACTOR!!!" " CODEMASTERS IS THE BEST F! GAME EVER!!" I am glad if the guys with lower standards than myself and other in the sim community can enjoy this arcade/sim hybrid, but I still wish for a bit more sim options. thats just it OPTIONS . OK I have gotten off topic in my own thread dammit. GUYs with the frame rate issues, please check your harddrive capacity and seem if it is close to full. like I said, this is just an idea I had but we all deserve to have a pleasurable experience cause we all paid a pretty penny for the game.
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