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An Honest Opinion About 2015 Game

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Steve William, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Just like F1 2014 game i will try to give you guys a heads up about the new game,
    Obviously what i have is a preview build and not the final release but i truly believe that everything i posted here that is missing so far wont be magically included in the final release, AND this is a response to all youtube guys that hyping the game and posting to many videos and about the game but they never actually tell you what really want to know!

    Even though the copy i have is preview and work in progress PS4 build, i can post things that i didn't really like and i thought they should have included it in the new game!:

    *The big disappointing thing for me is Tyre management still scripted (since 2010), if you lock your brakes there won't be any flat spots on the tyres
    *There no fuel management, the only thing you can do is turning your engine down to save fuel. in real life you hear the engineer saying to the driver lift and coast, not just in f1, there is also short shifting., short or long shifting doest effect the fuel, infect the engineer will not say to you anything new that you didn't hear from the previous games
    *In my case i couldn't use my wheel because the game just didn't pick it up, but playing with the controller joysticks kind suck and there is a huge dead zone so you never have complete control of your car.
    *You cant control the car in the pits (since 2010... seriously) big disappointment, infect you cant do anything while pitting, why not giving the ability to drive through the pit and pit and even have a proper two clutch management.!
    *The AI is still bad and heavenly scripted, they will crash into you they will drive according to the racing line all the time, to be honest they better than 1014, they overtake more now, but i still cant understand why there big budget games like this and the AI which is a big deal is not that good!
    *There is no clutch, and your engine will not stop... And no launch control start, you still can't control your car in the grid. you cant jump the start.
    *The same garage with pretty much the same guys running around. same layouts, but there new tablet screen , you can change things and stuff from it, not really going to say anything about it yet but i actually like it and i like the idea
    *The is more setting to change in the setup screen this year even the quick setup section is well developed this year but it won't really be that good for hardcore racers. but how much fuel you add and which tyre you choose on each session is a big step up from previous games
    *The voice recognition future doesn't work yet so i cant comment on that. but what i can say its only a specific phrases that have to say to you engineer but you can skip talking and just choose the commands from the screen any why, cool new thing i guess
    *The HUD and the speedometer are just in your face and really ugly and boring but i don't think its a big deal!
    *Since 2012 game short or long shifting does not really effect the engine that much, or braking to aggressively won't really effect how hot your brakes or how hot your engine !!!
    *The same cockpit view and no helmet view
    *The damage is not here yet
    * In wet conditions if you turn your engine up the car just becomes overpowered compared to AI drivers unlike in dry conditions
    *Power unites and ERS are still auto, unlike real life which the driver can change when and how to charge or release the stored power.
    *The Mercedes team this year is well over powered, you will will notice it when you play against legend AI, you wont have any problem against them on a Mercedes
    *Handling in wet a track is a big let down, its not that different from a dry track, even though you are on the blue tyres you can still take corners almost flat out, and you can push like crazy... i don't honesty understand why
    *the graphics on wet wheat is when the game show how the graphics are better than before BUT the big but there is in the screen there almost the same splash system, i usually drive bikes when it is wet and i can see clearly rain drops , grass, dirt , dead bugs on the visor, and everything sticking on your visor will be moving because of the wind effect unlike the game, in the screen you see the same drops and they move really slowly,
    *Over all the graphics on the new game engine look better and even though i experienced a lot of frame drops hear and there i think they will fix it, but to be honest the game is not really running at 60 FPS on console (PS4) like they are claiming, hell i watched a couple of youtube vids and people are saying its running perfectly at 60 FPS, that's a lie, maybe they will somehow fix it in the final release but at this point anyone who says otherwise ... its a lie don't listen to them.
    *No career mode this year but instead there a pro season which pretty much emulate like practice sessions and on the preview build that i have in pro season you cant change any setting apart from your setups, and you wont have any assists available but i think they will change it in the final release
    *Safety car is a rare thing because the AI is not really that smart and as i said they feel to scripted and wont make too many mistakes or wont have problems BUT about the safety car it could be fixed...
    *The game still arcade more than a sim so don't listen yo anyone out there saying that its more like a simulation game!!! NO.

    * Humm what else ... i can say for me i don't think they delivered, i don't want to say what they promised us but codemasters never promised anything so i can only speak about the led downs since 2012 game, actually now to think about it they only had one decent game which is 2012, and i think people will end up buying this game and will probably put it a side just like what happened with 2013 and 1014 games!

    ** That is an absolute honest review of the copy that i have, i do not work for codemasers , i have a family member who works there, so again this is my opinion and what i have seen so far, im not telling this a bad game or don't buy the game, the final decision to buy the game or not is yours, this just to give you guys a heads up, CHEERS**

    Update about the final release:

    *Pretty much everything i posted already missing from the preview build is still missing from the final build

    Note about the final release of the game
    * The frame rate on PS4 seems to be smoother now but still drop and no where near 60 fps when there is too many things going on around you
    *The crash system visually is better there is alot of carbon fibre pieces flying around when you crash BUT physically the crash system is still the same system from previous F1 games. you can get away with alot, low to medium crushes wont effect your car that much, heavy crushes dont feel that heavy on the game.... nothing new
    *Penalty system still the same exact thing from older F1 games, you can fully cut some corners without any penalties and nearly touching some curves will get you penalized, interacting with the AI is still the same thing , you can get penalized for alot of things because the AI doesn't feel natural.
    *No career mode
    *No season challenge and No rival system
    *No TV interviews (alot of people want it back)
    *No online co-op and No split screen
    *No champions mode
    * No classic content
    *No functional safety car (virtual SC or real SC) i pushed and cached all over the place hoping something happens but nothing, IF someone manages to see the virtual SC please report back. (In real life there is almost at least one SC a race)
    *The handling and the feel of the car is by no mean a simulation but is improved on
    *The joysticks deadzone is minimized BUT its still there, input lag is there but you can get used to it.
    * The feedback and the sensation of grip on PS4 controller is pretty good, you can now feel the when the car is sliding or when you are spinning your tyres
    *The graphics of the game are a really better than all previous F1 games BUT its no where near real life looks and everything from medium to long distance, everything gets lowered ALOT, again this is on PS4 and probably the same on XBONE as well NOT on PC
    *The voice recognition system system seems to be fully working and reasonably good, (You have to be clear and fully audible for the game to recognize it)
    *The AI is still bad and scripted, some will probably say its way better but no im sorry the AI is still scripted and wont have too much freedom!
    *One more thing that always bothered me in F1 games, when you damage your front win just a little bit, it really doesn't effect the aerodynamics and the handling that much at least in the games, you dont have the option that you can choose to aether keep racing with the old frond win or change and get a new one, in this game just like the previous ones if you damage you front win, the next pit stop they will automatically change it which can coast you the race.
    *Just noticed something else, when you have a puncture, everything will be the exact same thing as before, not disintegrating rubber or anything new!

    I can keep going but it wont be fair for anyone, i can give you an opinion of someone who got for free and not working for codemasters,
    Is the game worth buying: YES
    is the game worth 44 bucks: NO, i woudnt pay 10 bucks for it.

    Check some links


    A decent driver posted a video which he shows what is it all about.

    Another review and glitches bugs...


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  2. Thanks for your impressions Steve
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  3. Still typing mate ;)
  4. and how and why would you have an unfinished PS4 copy....??
    If it was an early PC build I would believe it... maybe....

    You say you test everything in this game, but couldn't use any wheel, only the pad?
    Yes i am sure you could really get a clear impression of tyre wear with the pad and with a big deadzone as you mention.....NOT.... play it with a wheel first with proper throttle and braking inputs and then start to comment on the game... otherwise deprive us from your evaluation
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2015
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  5. This. He has been bashing the game for being scripted for several days now. I doubt that he has any version of the game.
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  6. Devs probably need to sing NDAs. It's highly unlikely that they can just distribute the game to their family members and he has shown absolutely no proof that he has the game. This man is full of hate it seems, wait for reviews after the release of the game and ignore his comments for now.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2015
  7. btk150

    2D God

    How the hell do you know that tyre wear is scripted if the preview build only allows 3 lap races? Same thing for safety car. ******, you dont have the game.

    Mod edit - Please avoid the swearing thanks
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 8, 2015
  8. Hello. Is it just me or does the game again look at this nasty green-yellow shader tone colour?
    This looking so odd and unrealistic. And did many of you noticed that some track layouts are dated back from 2010 version, e.g. Spa, this curious bump at the exit of Les Combes chicane?
    At all the handling model seems to be pretty nice but as always probably "recycled" track-content.
  9. I too have to say I'm very sceptical about him having a preview copy, that's not to say he doesn't though, but I find it very unlikely.

    I used to have a friend who was a games tester for codemasters, and he wasn't even allowed to say which titles he was testing let alone even get a copy if anything for people. This was a few years ago though (2009) so maybe the rules have changed since then.
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  10. I read on a forum some time ago that PEGI rules don't allow to show a car running over a human figure for a game to be classified as "PEGI 3". That's why games like PcCars or Codemasters F1 games games have "auto-pit"
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  11. Same layouts pretty much but graphics are better,
  12. For everyone, i do have the game just like i did with codemasters games before release.
    I did not pot this thread to show how much i hate the game...!
    the reason purely to tell everyone what's missing from it and all the guys on youube will not tell you about the details , not because the game is not on a final build, NO, because if they say anything negative about the game, codemasters will not let them test the game again,

    So keep you negativity to your self.
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  13. I'll believe you if you'll show me some proof (gameplay, screens, photos, etc.).
  14. He hasn't got any. He tried it on the Codemaster Forum a few weeks back and got laughed out & owned by one of the Developers when he said he has a copy they denied they have even sent them out then :roflmao:
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  15. He was on the codies forum saying he had a preview build, he provided no evidence and the devs shut him up by telling the community that they had not sent ANY preveiw builds out...

    @Steve William - Provide evidence or go away. What do you have to gain by lying about this?
  16. Quotation from above:

    "In my case i couldn't use my wheel because the game just didnt pick it up, but playing with the controller joysticks kind suck and there is a huge deadzone so you never have complete control of your car."

    This one actually makes me laugh a bit.. Further down in his review he says handling is not simulative, is ****, and game is more arcade than anything else... Explain me how you can judge it with this kind of controller with a massive deadzone (which there is none, all controllers and custom things come out with 0% deadzone, so, go figure)

    I can agree that there is a bit too much grip in the wet, but only on highspeed corners, slow speeds are real fun in the wet and not easy to master (I bet a lot will spin first time out in the wet with no driving aids and a steering wheel)
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2015
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  17. This shows me you're just making stuff up, since you've always been able to change both tires and fuel during a session, and in non-race sessions even the specific tires you want based on wear.

    Another blunder. Safety car isn't even in the game this year.

    Class dismissed. Next.
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  18. Out of curiosity, I read a blog where they refer to a Dave Greco being heavily involved in the testing process. Is that a coincidence of names? Because from your post seems like you didn't really get a full test exeperience with wheel?
  19. I quoted someone that posted above me, my question was to him.. must have done the quotation wrong.. Dave Greco is infact me, yes.
  20. I have seen videos already of people over revving and finishing up their fuel.. having done the handling myself, I wanted to go even more extreme, but, since it still has to please a very large audience that is not exactly a simracer, it is a bit on an easy side the fuel management, and probably the grip (no where near as much as the previous titles tho). All in all I like it and sets a good base for next years. Heck I like it so much, that I signed up for the championship here at RD... and I have never done that before, just because I never liked the previous titles.
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