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An Actual Racing Licence?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Dave Flower, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Ok so this might or might not be possible and depending on how far you take it (assuming the actual licence is possible) could create some work for the event organisers, I can hear groans of nooooo already!

    What if on each persons profile page there was a space for a racing licence? It and details on it (no dates of birth etc etc) are viewable by everyone logged into RD, so other members can see you licence easily.

    If a new member hadn't applied that could include a blank licence - FREE LICENCE WAITING BUT NOT APPLIED FOR across the front. That may encourage them to apply for the Licence.

    Existing members, so they get a licence page or area on their Profile that they CAN NOT edit only ADMIN can do that. The licence is added by whoever accepts them as a licenced member - its something tangible that people can look at - therefore a free to RD plus or USP, that other sites may not offer.

    The next bit is where some extra work comes/could come in :

    The licence can have endorsements added by admin showing date - penalty - offence. Not a lot of extra work when compared to the time spent reviewing video etc, etc. The offences stay on the licence forever - meaning admin can always look at a persons licence to see the history of that driver.

    The licence is updated AFTER each event with - date - Sim - track - finishing position (DNF, 20/25 etc), by the event organiser - the idea being to dissuade people from signing up and not attending as they would have a DNA Black Mark (Did Not Attend) against them 3 DNA's = short ban and endorsement in endorsement section of licence.

    This is similar to points schemes that I personally am a big fan of in getting people involved in any forum and provides a way to have an 'at a glance' look at a members history and conduct for all other members and for admin.

    It could even possibly be done by simple modifications to the basic profile page (I think) - but I'm sure the geniuses' at RD have a much better idea of whats possible - I just have ideas and put them forwards, some are good some are bad...

    Oh and please keep supporting us poor gamers with creaky hardware and no upgrade budgets by leaving the Race07 and GTL Clubs alone - I'd love to be racing in the newer sims, but at the moment I can hardly afford the extortionate electricity bills to run what I've got, let alone buy new sims and the hardware that will run them, just to keep up with you rich people !
  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Whilst this is indeed not a bad idea it might create some issues as we are having lots of plugins on the forum already. More addons, and this function would possibly require another one seeing that it'd support a lot of custom stuff for us, are possibly causing more issues than good. Then again, we are having a dedicated thread, listing all severe penalties we have ever imposed.

    Most racing clubs and leagues also post penalties and general warnings in their respective threads (or even have a dedicated thread for penalties in their subforum), so that might be worth looking at as well if you doubt someone is able to race cleanly. I can see where you are coming from but seeing that this could cause issues and that's causing tummyache to me, as you might understand.

    Also, there are no plans to get rid of Race07, GT Legends or any other game - no worries. We know that those games are highly popular and wouldn't want to disappoint the community.

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  3. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    I think its a great idea, can it be done , i dont know
    should we try to do something like this Hell yes...
    allot of sites have signatures for under your post this space could be used for a race licence
    with a few details..
    we use real names i would also like to see a real photo like a passport.. in your licence
    putting a face with a name..
    dont know how easy it is for the club event stuff to be updated weekly but a events raced in as a counter should not be a problem, even if you as a driver had a section to update the info and then the staff add it to your tally in the licence. the same for the league...
    yes it is extra work but if the drivers also did some of the work it could happen
    you could also have a race number for custom skins maybe your favourite skin can be used as a reference for the skins in leagues.
    eg me.. race # 68, favorite colours dark purple and dove grey
    could event have a link to my skins, for pictures as a reference,,or download.

    lets get something new out there be ahead of the other sites..:thumbsup:
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  4. Would it need to be a plug in? Is an area that only admin can manually edit not possible? Work in a 36 driver event like GTL's Thursday One I know, but of benefit if you can see a drivers past performance, maybe and it keeps people interested to see that admin have updated their details properly - which brings them back.

    I think the photos might be a bit too far if they were compulsory as new people might be very reluctant to add a face and a picture, to the point of maybe even being put off - perhaps if you 'could' have you picture like with the avatars great !

    Pleased to hear that the clubs are safe Tom - Its just me thats a bit paranoid after the RDTCC lost Race07 and the RDLMS was going to loose rF1.... just as I was getting into the idea of joining in..... Someone even posted in the last week saying theve just bought Race07 and I though I was a bit behind the times! Anyway its not about that its the Licence idea - though I'd give you all some food for thought !
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    • bronze licence no details just a licence for club races ( new drivers)
    • silver licence Details of a driver who has done club races and league races ( or after 1 year of driving)
    • Gold licence Details of a driver who has done club and league races and premium member (or after 2 years of driving)
    • platinum licence Details of a driver who has done club and league races and premium member and races in more than one club (after 2 years and kept a clean licence)
    or something like this..

    We already have the licence ribbon this could hold the colours..
    start small and build form there..:)
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  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Thing is that Xenforo isn't meant to have a license tab, so we'd have to work around that restriction - and since we would need to have lots of stuff, as Rupe explained, plus the penalties and the likes it could be that this would require an addon.

    I guess Bram Hengeveld could confirm or deny that. I definitely like your input. :)

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  7. I still think the idea of a full list of events, endorsements and results is the way to go - just typing out loud here but -

    If a forum section was set up for licenced drivers and for each newly licenced driver a thread was started with three posts - Top One an Image of the licence, Second one Events - listing date-sim-track-result thats added to by admin after an event, third one - Endorsements listing endorsements.

    Locked so ONLY admin can edit it then each drivers profile carried a link to the individuals licence thread - might this work without the need for plug ins or add ons?
  8. This is an image of a racing licence - and can like all posts in this thread which is in a subsection of the forum only be edited by ADMIN. Who can change the colour from Platinum. Gold, Silver, Bronze or RED for Suspended or Yellow for warning etc etc.

    Whoile thread can be deleted I'm testing out a Theory here so please dont get anygry anyone.

    Date SIM Track Result

    18/06/13 GTL Leipzig 1/20 lol i wish !

    apart from the forum keeps removing my spaces to make it look ok but a template or something would solve that
  10. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    There is nothing stopping us from doing this in a section in our clubs the drivers will update his own licence. (if you cheat ill delete the post :)) we can all keep an eye on each other.. :O_o:
    we make a thread licence holders with a template to be filled in... copy paste and fill in the details..
    so if we do look at something like this there is already info there for testing..

    Tom Endres we can run a competition to design a race licence for RD
    something swish and new

    after the dead line we run a vote on which is liked the most..
    All entries will be sent by pm so there is no favouritism. maybe a prize for the winner :)
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    None because this is a brilliant clean driver !

    If post 1 - the licence and post 3 the Endorsements were created by an admin and post 2 - Events by the driver then a driver can not remove his/her licence or endorsements but can be responsible for keeping his racing history up to date!
  12. i have used my home page on my own profile and latest staus on profile to demonstrate this in action - but if you click on my avatar now then Status or Homepage - which could be 'Racing Licence' youll see an example of how I mean this could work!

    In the example - which could be anywhere on the forum :

    If post 1 - the licence and post 3 the Endorsements were created by an admin and post 2 - Events by the driver then a driver can not remove his/her licence or endorsements but can be responsible for keeping his racing history up to date!
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  13. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    At least your making the effort to try Dave, and introduce something new... good on you Dave:thumbsup:
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  14. Was just a thought I had that seemed a good idea - more i think about it the more I'm liking it. Things like that often happen in Daveworld - edit remove the personal story of the madness of Dave too much info !! . Welcome to Daveworld!
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  15. Nice job of merging the threads someone, rendering both far less comprehensible and screwing up a perfectly servicable, working demonstration of how to utilise tools already on your table rather than increasing complexity and costs to achieve a goal, but I digress, I came back to give even further insight into the use of existing resource.

    There is already an area that exists upon RD that would suit the above perfectly - only requirement is that, as a forum subsection, it gets migrated forwards, rather than disappearing in the way old posts do. Worked it out yet? ....

    Every licence holder has to apply for a licence - all admin granting a licence make a post in reply. Make the reply the licence, with endorsements section, allow the driver to ADD his or her driving/event history by editing his post (could even make drivers make 2 posts application and blank driver race history as part of application process) link to that from driver profile page - hey presto driver licence and endorsements record ready made! Forum not really any bigger or more complicated. If my original application is still viewable I'd do the link thing i did yesterday to demonstrate. At least I'm thinking which is a good sign!
  16. Yes the applications are migrated forwards, my profile is now linked by a click on either my status or 'homepage' to my original application, can't edit it to cover my age up! (or add race results) brings back memories though, lol i thought id come to RD with a controller, but I had the second hand MS Sidewinder 1 (non ffs) by the time I entered club events, lol also Ryan was a mate who I forced to register, with RD, ok using my email, but I stood over him fuming while he registered after I'd left him and others playing Race07 and gone out, only to come back and be told he'd got me a server ban from what he wrongly thought was an RD server, ironic that a friend being a cock in someone else's server, is actually what originally brought me to RD. Public servers do have their uses, you know, even if they aren't RD's.... Ahhh those were the days, a flat full of half smashed mates racing each other on my PC's and getting me into the cliche of 'it was my mate who did it' which I still don't believe when I see people saying it to this day... Even after having had it happen to me, just glad he had the balls to admit what he'd done, unlike some so called friends... Might have to look him up, been over a year since we spoke...
  17. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Don't get me wrong but this is a single topic we're talking about, so a single thread is enough. We appreciate you thinking about this stuff but let's be realistic. :)

  18. No worries, Tom - wasn't meant to sound how looking back at it, it does sound! I'm still in bed on a 4 inch screen so perhaps didn't word things too well ! Doing well on on a phone, to get all this down! Lol voice typing just said I was drunk on a phone not doing well! Which I am not!
  19. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Dave I agree with this, when I member signs up for events we can all see what type of driver they are, maybe the points system could added to their avatar by admins. It may get aggressive drivers to calm down a bit, name & shame them :thumbsup:
  20. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I see a lot of nice ideas/features but nowhere a solution who is going to do the actual work of coding this into an existing platform? Anybody?