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Other AMS Series Icons 0.4

Alternative icons for Automobilista series

  1. Pudu submitted a new resource:

    AMS Series Icons - Alternative icons for Automobilista series

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  2. Thank you Pudu. Great!
  3. Pudu updated AMS Series Icons with a new update entry:

    touch ups + a few mods

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  4. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    thank you @Pudu for these, they are great.
    may I ask....could you please do me a V8Supercar as you have done but using the PRESTON HIRE car ? i would love that one.
  5. I'm curious as to where some of those mods come from, unless they haven't been released yet. Such as the 2016 F-Extreme, WEC and CART. PM me perhaps?
  6. That's what my first thought was as well @still_guns :D
    The Icons look amazing Pudu, thanks for them :thumbsup:
  7. Thanks guys.

    The mods which haven't been released yet are just from GSCE - most mods will drop right into AMS and work well enough. The 2016s are from the great skins that our resident RD artists have shared. I made a separate series with updated driver and team names/talent files. I figured almost everyone has done this already too.

    Rob, it would be a pleasure - your skins are beautiful.

    Here's a quick and dirty version. I'll try to tidy it up a bit later when I have some free time.
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  8. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness
    Premium Member

    kewl thanks for that.
  9. EEh Montana? Did i miss something?
  10. montana.jpg
  11. God Dammit! I hate work...
    Could you do me a favor and make a pic of the interior?
  12. I would, but I'm out at a dinner party at the moment. Sorry mate. Maybe someone else can step up.

    (ya, it's not a particularly engaging dinner party)
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  13. Last edited: Jun 21, 2016
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  14. Pudu please, I'd like you to make Timo Glock's BMW car version 2015. Thanks in advance.
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  15. Simply SUPER!!!!! Thank you very much.
  16. Pknoia

    Premium Member

    Hi, I tried that, but no car sounds, any car.
    Any tip for that?
    Thanks for the icons!
  17. Sorry, I've no idea which one you are talking about.
  18. I recently update and lost all my cool icons. Should i just only install this over?
    I forget how to manage these things.. :(

    edit: cannot see my old third party mods installed too. This kind of s* is ****ing annoying
    sry, bad mood here but i need to get this out of my system
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2016