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Skins AMS Renault V10 2002 1.0

AMS Renault V10 2002

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  1. Great news! There will be skin pack, with updated textures. :thumbsup:
    Thanks for your response.
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  2. Any estimate on update to this? :)
  3. After RD had delete some Skin i wait a bit.
    My "Prost 2002" Skin unfortunately deleted.
    I want to Upload a 2002 Season Pack. But have a little afraid that the will also be deleted. :)
    All cars for the 2002 Season are finished. But helmets are still missing.
    I also have to rewrite the files after the last AMS Update. Now have different Names than before the Update.
  4. Just leave "F1" out of it and you'll be safe I believe. ;)