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Other AMS interface 0.2

AMS interface

  1. senna9922 submitted a new resource:

    GUI for Automobilista - GUI for Automobilista

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  2. would you mind telling where to put all these files? thanks , Newbie

  3. uiData file in root AMS, and make copy of your uiData file

    other files you can used for teams and track, driver, country flag etc
    for track use the next


    ////only change the name for track

    for team




    only change the name for team
  4. That looks very pretty. I'm just gonna put this one on watch first until I have the time to install it.

    Keep up the great work!
  5. Thanks alot for your support, I preparing the next update, with much more improvements.
  6. I am about to install it but seeing that you'll be posting an update, I will wait for that one instead.
  7. I installed this working mod on my PC and boy is it good. I am running AMS in Tri-monitors with trackmap/Hud and feared I would loose my most needed additions...nope all worked flawlessly. Just had to tweek my PLR file as the name was changed for some reason. Just install uiData over existing file ( after saved ) and rest of mod files into AMS root directory. Also reset steering.This mod presents proper direction for game playing by simple icon selection where as original icons make you guess at what to play. My rating is superb for this mod. Thank you for the upload.
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  8. When using I noticed that sometimes in car the steering setup does not move car out of garage. I can see the throttle and brake work by my hud and gear selection too. I go to setups and reset steering and when exiting another selection request comes up and freezes. Also same when clearing replay..upon exit can not confirm erase as yes, frozen on "no". have to shut computer down and restart game with no improvement to move car out of garage, but replays have cleared as wanted. Is there going to be an update if so please look into this bug. Please do not abandon this mod as it has great potential to become popular. Can we be advised when your intended update will be made available ? Interim I will look into the files to see if I can fix this bug..maybe a misnamed file or something easy. Thank you.
    OK it was the way I installed the files. Using original backup I re-installed this mod using copy & paste into AMS root files and I installed other files first and uiData last into AMS. No more hanging up anywhere..fixed.
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  10. Known bugs in the menu


    if somebody have solution for this, please let me know.
  11. Preview video on first page, apologies for bad quality for video.
  12. DaVeX↯


    Really like the idea, in my opinion it needs to be tweaked to be a more polished ui. You should look to Minimalistic HD UI for rf2 as example...