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Cars AMS Indycar 2016 Mod V 0.9


  1. VaunBob submitted a new resource:

    AMS Indycar 2016 Mod V0.8 - Indycar2016ModAMS

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  2. Reb.Ellion

    Premium Member

    Attention, overwrite existing files. Does not have to be.
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  3. Missed that:)
  4. Not a bad mod but could you please remove those ugly hands..
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  5. @VaunBob i drove your cars a little while and i noticed that you haven't implemented Reiza Shaders at all..

    Reiza Shading has nothing to do with the Alpha layers of a skin..

    It needs to be located in the MAS of the car.. and i dont see any shading files in the unpacked MAS.

    Or you are fooling us or you don't know how to implement those shaders.. (I Think the second option ;) )
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  6. I didn't know that I honestly thought they were done in the Alps layer for the skins. One more thing to add to the list of thing to do.:)
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  7. But Could you please Remove those hands...
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  8. Great work! please remove those hands and fix de cockpit camera.. too deep on the seat hehehe... waiting for other teams :D
  9. They'll be coming soon. What carshould I do next?
  10. Focus on improving this car for now.. don't ever start a new project when your current project has still things to improve on. Believe me i used to do that to but since i do one Project at a time the quality has really improved.
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  11. The mod makes my game crash everytime...
  12. @gilles13 I meant skin. That's a pretty good point though:)
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  13. The game just crashes and close ... And windows just tells me "close the programm"
  14. Is it fine with other mods?
  15. Now my game always crahes without exceptions of cars or tracks... nice!
  16. dude i don't think it's @VaunBob 's fault. The mod works for all of us..

    So i think that their is something wrong at your end
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  17. Sorry if my message was aggresive it was not the aim and the idea.
    I know it is certainly my fault by adding mods so don't take it to yourself ^^
    the "nice" wasn't for him it was just for me and to show my dissapointment about my game still crashing ^^
  18. Ok. Your best bet is the Verify the Game cache of AMS.
  19. What do you mean? Can you explain? I'm not very good in computer and modding