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AMP Bathurst 1000 1997 - Skin Pack WIP

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by JR Racing, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Hello there,

    I have started to recreate the grid from the 'Great Race' of 1997.

    So far have completed the BMW 320i of Morris/Baird and the Geoff and David Brabham car will follow very soon.

    Plan to set up a new championship for these based on endurance touring car racing.

    Here is the Winning (pre disqualification) car of Craig Baird and Paul Morris.

    In the upcoming weeks I also hope to do the Audis, Renaults, Peugeots and get a decent number of cars together for it.

    The BMW :



    All that will be needed for this is Andreas' Supertouring 98 Mod

    More updates soon :)

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  2. Awesome stuff! Although my favorite car from the Australian STers, the red 850 didn't race :(
  3. this is awesome! Can`t wait for the Menu/Plato Laguna. Keep up the great work.
  4. Great work, very promising :thumbsup:.
  5. I
    I am sure I can do you a skin for this anyway to include - if someone hasn't done it already.

    Thanks for feedback so far. May do Renaults next then. :)
  6. Well done mate, this is quality!
  7. Always liked the Diet Coke BMW :cool:
  8. #83 Brabham Brothers car now finished, so BMW Team Australia cars are now finished.

    Will probably move onto the Renaults next :)



    Once a few more have been completed I will release a first sample of the pack.
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  9. I have the Bathurst race 97 and 98 on vhs such a shame the super tourers stopped going there. I see you have Bathurst in the pics does your ai crash on the mountain section?
  10. It does yes, but I found by changing the AI setup file things are greatly improved and all the AI cars hit top speed down conrod straight too.

    If you make a setup file with good gear ratios and steering lock around 12 to 14 degrees then copy this setup to your individual teams directories folder then the AI will use this. You must label the setup file the same as the track you want to use it for.

    E.g within your Renault Laguna teams folder the file would be 'Bathurst2006.svm' you need to repeat for all your teams folders.

    I'm not saying it makes the AI perfect but certainly vastly improved.
  11. Will give it a try :thumbsup: thanks

    To be fair from memory the AI seemed to crash more if they attempted a pass over the mountain section
  12. This is fantastic. Would it be possible for you to make what you have done so far available for download?
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  13. Sorry for my lack of interest with this lately, after completing these BMW's we moved house and the PC was boxed up :(

    The good news is that a good friend of mine is starting on the other cars now. He also has my original files for the BMW's and has my permission to release them on my behalf.

    From what I understand the '98 Winning volvo S40's will be on their way next and from what I have seen so far look great.

    I'll let him introduce himself when he is ready.
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  14. Hi all,

    I'm JR's aforementioned friend. As JR mentioned I've picked up the baton and I've been trying to learn how to create skins. I have started with the Jim Richards / Rickard Rydell Volvo S40 from the Bathurst 1000.
    I'm really pleased with what I've achieved so far as I have never touched anything like this before.
    The actual skin of the car is complete and I'll post a teaser when I'm on my PC (writing this from mobile) but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the windows.
    I've used the default windows file which was available as a download. I've added the names Rydell and Richards but when I save the file as DDS the names in game appear transparent on the windows.
    Obviously the windows should be transparent but the actual driver names opaque. Can anyone help? Even if you can point me in the direction of a windows tutorial it would be great.

    Regarding the cars, I plan to whizz up a few more and then release them all together. Depending how I get on though I might just release one by one.

    Thanks at this stage to Andreas for the super touring mod which is superb, and to JR Racing for all his help with my skinning learning process so far!
  15. First look at the Volvo as promised.

    When i figure out how to do the windows properly i'll add the Harvey/Nilsson car too!

    Also, i can't seem to get rid of the Auto Trader from the headlights as i can't see them on any of the layers of the original downloadable skin.

    2014-05-20_00002.jpg 2014-05-20_00003.jpg
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  16. Are you using the new or old template? The new template has the auto trader logo on the windows template from memory

    Cant wait for these cars to be made as loved the Bathurst race and I have just got the 1999 race from ebay :D btw the Volvo s40 raced in 1998 not 1997
  17. Ah did you win that buy it now volvo that was on last night for £59.99? Lol.

    JR originally started this thread as cars from 97 but as we've discussed the races we've decided it'll be nice to take elements from both the 97 and 98 races. You don't have to tell me Rickard raced in 98 ;) I'm a massive fan.

    As for the template, I think it's an older one, not sure though as I'm very new to all this. I'm sort of making it up as I go along! Haha.

    I've started the Plato/Menu Laguna now so hopefully have a teaser of that up soon :) maybe as early as this weekend!
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  18. No I won the vhs a few weeks back :) £60 Volvo was it a model?

    Be nice to see skins from both races and it will make a bigger grid

    If your using the older template the auto trader logo will be on a file called lights00.dds in the cars folder
  19. Been busy tonight ;)

    95% there. Still not sure on lights and windows hence you can still see the Auto Trader and The Plato name is translucent. Also i can't clearly make out the Australia TV Logo so i've just done some guess work on that!
    Other than that i just need to add the correct front and rear sunstrips and the driver nationality flags!

    Hope you like :thumbsup: I'm going to bed now lol.

    2014-05-22_00002.jpg 2014-05-22_00003.jpg 2014-05-22_00004.jpg
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  20. Can anyone help me out with images of the 97 bathurst Peugeot please?