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Apparel American Renault helmet. 1.0

American themed helmet for Renault F1.

  1. Massa93. submitted a new resource:

    American Renault helmet. (version 1.0) - American themed helmet for Renault F1.

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  2. Ypu did it pretty well for first helmet ^^ good job.
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  3. Hey man, was this the Coca Cola/Monster helmet?
  4. yes, changed all the sponsors..
  5. Nice alternative mate, nice job :)

    Although you have provided alot of pics, one pic of the front and back of the helmet on their own would look awesome too :D :thumbsup:

    Well done mate :)
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  6. Thanks for comments! And yes I thought about picture of the back of the helmet but don't know how I can get a good picture from the back..:p