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American Racing club racing format poll!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric Nelson, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. I am offering a poll for the members who like oval racing but don't want to buy ARCA or another sim to drive this type of events!

    So check out the poll and vote if you would race this series please!

    the car class would be : Saleen Mustang SE CUP

    Tracks would be ovals only! I think we will have 3 or 4 tracks to compete on over a 4 week period.

    possibly some unofficial points system could be arranged to track results as well!

    It would run on a SUNDAY NIGHT EDST Time of 9:00 PM which is the start of Quali!

    This would start on Sunday April 18th and be 3-4 week s long.
  2. i like oval racing pretty much but as always its pretty late for me even later from tomorrow as DST kicks in for me
    going from gmt+1 to gmt+2
  3. like to run the ovals but wish the start time was earlier so i don't stay up really really late
  4. Austin we are done by 11PM EDST. Cmon man you stay up watching MTV cribs that late don't ya? LOL
  5. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins

    Would love to Eric ,but sunday your time is monday my time....unfortunately work calls.
  6. actually no lol. I have school at 9am like most people go to work at that time so it would be tiring for the next day for drivers on the east coast. Most would go to bed at 10 to get ready for another busy day. To me, i would like maybe at the old time of 9:00 or maybe 8:30 because i'm sure most of the west coast will be off work by then. Besides they don't have to be there for practice or qualy. As long as they make the race. If i were you i would post a poll and see who like what start time. That way it's not just my opinon or erics
  7. YEah I hadn'tthought about the work issue not being there for West coast guys to join. But it used to be 9 PM EDST that was the offical start time of PRactice 2. 30 mns Then 20 mins Quali and then 10 mins warm up. so you weren't actually racing until 9:55 anyways. this is slightly later at 10:05 PM. So it really doesn't make that big a difference in the end to us East Coast guys.

    I guess the question would be do we make it 9:00 PM EDST? starts Quali? yeah that seems ok.
  8. i like that idea. Still wanna see what others want just in case but that's a good idea that fits all in my perspective.
  9. I prefer road courses, but I would participate in at least a couple of these type of events.
  10. Wrong dates/times for me to participate, plus the Mustangs are blehhhh. And there aren't any really good ovals aside from KW
  11. yeah the ovals aren't to good but they are more competitive than road courses. The really slow racdicals should be in it so we can draft and hardly brake.
  12. this is what time at GMT?
  13. not for me... ;)
  14. Incorrect my good friend :)

  15. Well from what i'm seeing no one can make the date. I guess sunday is not working for anyone for some reason. Maybe saturday might work because a lot of people don't have work on sunday but then again a lot do. I don't know. Well will anyone that doesn't like the day of the race rather have it on saturday?
  16. I tried the mustangs and wasn't impressed. I like the muscle cars from Race On. We had a race some months back at KW- The Herrmannator 500 - in honor of Michael's birthday. That was fun.
    And, where's those other ovals, Keith, huh? :)
  17. around 0100 GMT til you guys change the clocks. Then its 0200 GMT.

  18. Saturday is an option but frankly, 1 night off for other stuff is ok too. LOL

    I might restructure the poll one more time and see whats what after that. We have a couple of really dead nights at ARC and thinking its the day as much as anything. Not as many USA based drivers as the EURO's have to choose from so we suffer from small market mass too.

    I will probably change the start time for Sunday events to Quali at 9:00 PM EDST and see if that helps with th e attendance no Sunday. I mean we have a great MINI event tonight at LImerock but only a couple of sign ups. It doesn't get more fun than close MINI racing on a simple track !
  19. how about this week we at any day we do a race in that format and see who comes that way we can decide if we are doing the format
  20. possible! problem is the schedule is already pretty set for the coming week. The following week is the last ATCC event and that will kill attendance a bit.