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American Porsche Carrera Cup number plate design

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Isaac Chavira, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys just wondering what you think?

  2. Yep they look very good. Let's see them on a car.
  3. Due to the way the template is made I can use my original plate design so here it goes below:

    BTW how do I fix my windows? I erased the other driver name and put my own there but the old one shows through?

  4. Looks good. The window thing is the old drivers name is still on the alpha. The alpha channel is what we use to make what you put on the window solid and not transparent. You'll need to open the channel's tab but if your using Paintshop Jasc, Coral or gimp you don't have that option I'm afraid. Photoshop or another program that allows you to see the alpha would be good to have. I think how you had the white # over a black background looks a little better then the all white plate.
  5. Thanks Doug I will try that out! =o) And I'll take another screen with the black plate area and white numbers. :cool:
  6. Mapu


    Nice, are you going to create a GSMF PCC or Enduracers PCC France addon?:cool:
  7. PCC France addon!!!

    Please note the 'APCC' is not real. So, I'm just going to distribute the modified template with official series markings and let everyone make up their own liveries since it's just a fantasy series anyway..

    (This is still a WIP)

    I'm going to start a league but first I need to ask Enduracers for permission to use thier stuff. Anyways I fixed the alpha channel problem and the number plate design.

  8. I like it better that way I think. The way I see it with a livery or in this case the # on the side needs to be easily recognisable from track side. many teams run a similar or the same livery so the cars need a distinguishing feature to set them apart for the commentators and the public at the track to know which driver is in what car or in what position they are in the race.haha.. I know some are saying "yeah but it's just a game!" True it is but treating it like real racing in this respect also adds to the realism many are asking for all the time.
  9. Oh no I'm with you on recognition. In my leaugue a team is required to have two cars with one driver for a 50 lap race. And they shall have some type of differentiating color splash or logo like different color mirrors or the livery colors are reversed, something like that. Even different color rims will work too.
  10. Mapu


    finally some support for PCC France ... my favorite *yeah :wink:
  11. Well here it is with the official matkings. Each racers country flag will be on the winglets as seen here in the screen capture. All decals except for the stripes on the top and American grunge flags are the official required markings. I am thinking of doing away with the front number plate since both the driver name and the number appear on the windscreen. Now I just need a tire and wheel template. Right now they are Michelins.

  12. Actually got the Hankook's on by replacing the .DDS files in the .MAS file. How do I still get the same result without changing the .MAS?
  13. The mods templates should have one for the windows. The banner is apart of that. What mod are you using? It looks like GMSF but I could be wrong.
  14. Im using the PCCFRA Mod by Enduracers. Here is my first [WIP] team 'LG / Dassault Systemes'.