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Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. American-Flag.jpg Time to celebrate the United States of America as our next featured nation! Seeing the Independence Day celebreation is here on the 4th of July it seems appropriate to honor this racing Nation!

    baseball2.jpg hotdog_big[1].jpg apple_pie.jpg
    America is known for Big Bore Engines, Stock Cars and a few other choice racing series through it's rich racing heritage! Tracks like Watkins Glen ,Road America and Laguna Seca are found across the nation! Drivers like AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti and Dale Earnhart have all come from this great country!

    ford%20logo.jpg Chevrolet-Logo.jpg dodge-logo.jpg
    Lets not forget cars like the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford GT and Dodge Viper all symbolize the American Spirit of Racing and motoring!

    So we will celebrate the American racing heritage by bringing in the best "American style" events we can create!

    Pick out a couple of your favorite events on the calendar and join us for the party!

    Sunday July 4th, Saleen Mustang SE @ Bridgehampton

    Monday July 5th, GT PRO @ Road America

    Tuesday July 6th, F1 @ Speedforce

    Wednesday July 7th, Saleen MUstang SE @ Daytona 1970

    Thursday July 8th, Caterham CSR 320 @ Indianapolis Infield Road Course

    Friday July 9th, WTCC @ Sebring (R factor conversion)

    Saturday July 10th, Porsche Mobile1 Supercup @ Mid Ohio (Chicane)
  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    if i may make a little suggestion, we have plenty of American cars ( either default ingame or add-on ) to only run American cars and tracks for this week. Sunday instead of DTM maybe run the Mustang Mod, Saturday the Camaro Cup ( i can help for setup and tips on how to drive them ), Monday maybe just use the The Vette and the Viper on Friday maybe just run the lacetti ( i know not really an american car but it got Chevy on it lol ). Thursday instead of the Cats ( even if i love them ) maybe run a Race On US Muscle Cars event ? ( i know i'm pushing my luck lol ), Tuesday we could run the Viper street version as for the Mini's well i'm out of American cars lol
  3. YVes I like the idea and had in fact thougth about a couple of these cars as well. I liked the Saleen MUstangs and can definitely use them at Bridgehampton.

    in GT Pro too may guys have to many hours in other cars to make it fair to them to be in a viper or Vette only other wise I would do it in a second!

    thanks for the suggestions!
  4. I have made minor changes to the American week schedule after Yves made a couple of suggestions to enhance the weeks activities!

    I had forgotten how much fun the SALEEN MUSTANG SE cars are to drive! so they are in the schedule and the test at Bridgehampton was excellent!
  5. Good suggestions, Yves. I'm not a huge fan of the DTM's, so the change to the Mustangs works for me. :D

    Also, I know KW Superspeedway isn't American, per se, but we could run the US Muscle Cars there. That would be cool.

    Keep up the great work! Love the Nationality Week idea and Lottery idea!
  6. Glenn you may very well see these being run on Sundays for the future as well! VEry very fun!
  7. We generally try to avoid using the Race On content, because quite a few of the guys still don't have Race On, hell, there are quite a few of you out there that still don't have STCC. When setting up these events we try to take these things into consideration. We want full grids, so we do our best to try and find track/car combos that peak your interest. Unfortunately some of the in-game cars, such as the production cars or the smaller open wheel classes aren't that popular amongst the masses.

    With that being said, we try to keep an open mind and suggestions are always welcome here in the ARC. :)
  8. +1^
  9. At least you guys brought cleveland aiport to the mix I used to watch the cart and champ car series when they became that when I was a kid up to a few years ago when they took away the rights of coming to cleveland. Anyways I had a suggestion for a track, since it american week how about Miller Motorsport if you can fit that in their.
  10. thought about Miller very much but decided it was simply too intricate to be learned easily for a club event ATM.

    It's a beautiful drive for sure but it's a handful too........
  11. Since you said some people don't have race on how about leguna seca. Not the one from race on but what some people made. Its just a little weird not seeing that track on here yet or cause it might be I have not been here that long.
  12. So... I'm going to miss out on American week!!! That stinks. This is my last week of absence guys. I'll be around more after the holiday. Enjoy good ole red white and blue week and happy 4th americans and everyone else that's excited that the USA has her independence.
  13. Sam, I think there's a problem with the race07 version of Laguna. There's something keeping the RD from using that track... otherwise, I agree with you. It's the best of all american tracks IMO.
  14. Might be a pirated or unauthorized coversion Sam. I was going to do an all BTCC week awhile back but all the tracks were TOCA rip offs so we are uable to legally provide downloading or use apparently.
  15. That's funny cause i don't have a problem with any of the versions. But that's just on my end.
  16. Jarrod,

    We'll be here man!
  17. Here's a question do you guys race on the track on this site only or do you try others to see if they would work. I love the tracks on this site but I also go to no grip if they have anything interesting to like the leguna seca one. That's where I got the idea is that the one you were talking about eric. The one on no grips website.
  18. Sam I surf that site daily for fresh content. Many goo dtracks there and will be bringing them here when needed.
  19. Looking forward to it big E. Can't wait to get back on and push you around a little.
  20. If I understand your point it's like this Sam.

    YOU cannot convert tracks without permission from the creator. That being said, TOCA will not legally let ANY track in their games titles be relased in any otehr version for any other platform. Stupid since nobody is spending $ just becasue TOCA has CROFT, THRUXTON etc. locked up.

    It is not that otehrs do or don;t work in game for us. If it is legal to run a tradk then we can. We can also add it to the downloadable content here as well. But if it does not have that approval seal then we don't support piracy is what it amounts to as best I can tell..